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Inflatable Pools Buying Guide - Get the Best Inflatable Pool for You


Nothing is better than water in the summer. If there is no pool in your backyard and you want to have pool fun at home immediately, an inflatable pool is a right answer. Inflatable pools are budget-friendly, easy to set up, and have plenty of options, whether you want to enjoy family time or have a pool party with friends.

If you don't know much about the inflatable pool or have a difficult time choosing a pool to fit your need, this article will be here to help. It will give you everything you need to know about inflatable pools. 

For Adults, Kids, or Family?

Who is this inflatable pool for? Before you start looking, you should have an answer to this question. Inflatable pools for adults, kids, or a whole family can be very different in size and shape. For example, if you are looking for an adult pool for tanning, a stylish 5 ft wide pool that is about 1 foot high can fit you perfectly. If the pool is mainly used by the kids, inflatable pools with slides or sprinklers are more fun. 

Family Inflatable Pool

Shop by Size

Size is the first thing that you should consider. How big an inflatable pool should you get depends on how many people will use the pool. A large inflatable pool is needed for a large family, e.g 4 adults and 2 children while a mini pool is enough if it is for your toddlers only. 

Large inflatable pool

When looking for an inflatable pool for a family, you need at least a 10ft large inflatable pool, which can hold 2 adults and several kids comfortably. And there are also larger options available. 

Large Inflatable Pool

12ft-13ft: 12ft inflatable pool has a capacity of about 1500 to 1800 gallons of water. You probably notice that inflatable pools larger than 12ft are usually designed in round shape, which is probably more stable. 

15ft-16ft: A 15ft inflatable pool can have 2,500 to 3800-gallon water capacity, depending on its depth, and can be comfortably enjoyed by 5-6 persons. 

17ft-18ft: The largest inflatable pool you can get is about 18' x 48" with about 5500 gallons of water capacity. 

Small inflatable pool

A large pool is too much if you are just a small family to have some water fun or get tanned. A  6'-8' inflatable pool is about right for a small group of people.

Mini inflatable pool

There are also kiddie pools that can be as small as 3ft for toddlers and even babies. Kiddie pools are more colorful and could have features such as sprinklers, slide to make it more fun. 

Shop by Shape

Most inflatable pools are built in 2 shapes: rectangle and round. You can also find square and oval inflatable pools. Square inflatable pools usually come with seats, while oval shapes are more commonly found in frame above ground pool. There are also some mini inflatable pools that are built in heart shape.  

Shop by Features

Inflatable pool with filter

Pool filters can keep your pool clean by removing tiny particles such as algae, bacteria with filtration media( sand, DE, or paper cartridges). Most inflatable pool filters use cartridges.

If you are going to get a large pool, you probably need to keep the water in the pool for a couple of days, an inflatable pool with a filter pump is a must to ensure the water is always safe to use. 

Inflatable pool with seats

Want to comfortably sit in the pool to enjoy the coolness of water? An inflatable pool with seats is what you need. You can get it with two seats, four seats, or even more. 

Inflatable pool with cover 

A pool cover can maintain the water's temperature and even can make the water warm while keeping the water cleaner. If you like a warm pool, a pool cover is what you need. Although there is no inflatable pool that comes with a cover, you can always buy it separately.

Inflatable pool with slide

An inflatable pool with slides brings a play center to your home for the kids. 

Inflatable pool with sprinkler

This pool can automatically spray water, and the spray height can be adjusted. Kids are going to be crazy about it. 

Inflatable pool with canopy/shade

There are also inflatable pools with removable canopy to protect your skin away from the sun. It blocks out UVA and UVB solar rays, letting you safely enjoy water fun under the sun.

Shop by Materials

Inflatable pools are often made from very sturdy vinyl and use PVC for sidewalls for users to better hold in the immense amount of water. This material reduces the risk of punctures prolongs the life of the pool.

How to inflate a pool

There are many ways to inflate a pool and the easiest one is using an electric air pump. You can easily blow up a pool in several minutes with an air pump. Also, an air compressor or a manual hand or foot pump is also very helpful.

If you don't have an air compressor at home, a standard bike bump can also do the trick. Some suggest that taping one end of a straw to your bicycle pump, and then the other end of the straw to the nozzle for the pool can save you much effort and time to blow up a pool. 

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What to put under an inflatable pool

You can put nothing under a smaller inflatable pool when placing it on flat ground without debris. But for a large inflatable pool, there should be a ground cloth or a pool pad underneath to protect it.

The best locations to install an inflatable pool is a firm, level ground with enough space for to pool, such as level ground, concrete slab, flat grass. 

How to clean an Inflatable pool

If you need to keep water for a couple of days, here are tips to keep the water clean on an inflatable pool. 

Read: Complete Guide on How to Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean

- Use a pool vacuum to remove debris on the bottom of the pool

- Invest in a pool filter 

- Use a pool cover when you are not using it

- Use chlorine to balance your water's pH level and keep the water clean

- Drain the pool regularly and brush your pool's interior after draining


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