Small Video Camera to Buy: Which is Right for You?


Cameras are going small with every passing day. Now, you can hold a video camera in your palms and still shoot 4K frames. Surely, size has not taken a toll on performance, and small is the new norm.

A portable video camera is of great use to many people. Vloggers can carry small video cameras easily and take professional videos without the weight. You can use them for capturing POV shots and fast-paced action like sports. Some of them also easily attaches to your body for a hands-free operation.

Small video cameras are also great for security and protection. You can set up a camera for your home and keep an eye on your pets or kids. Whatever be your needs, a small video camera is all you need.

Here are the 7 best small video cameras you can consider for buying.

1. AKASO Keychain: Small Wearable Video Camera for Vlogging

AKASO Keychain is one of the smallest video cameras around. It is just the size of a keychain and feels like a feather in your hands. 

AKASO Keychain can hook on to your shirt or head via a selection of mounts. You can record 4K videos at 30fps for an hour non-stop. It has a 124-degree field of view to shoot landscapes and capture more in your frame.

AKASO lets you shoot slow-motion and time-lapses out-of-the-box. You can also take 20MP still images to supplement your videos. The camera is waterproof, and spills are no problem at all.

2. AKASO Brave 6 Plus: Small Video Camera with Sound

Brave 6 Plus supports an external microphone for crystal clear audio. It shoots 4K videos at 30fps and comes with a touch screen for easy controls. You can also take the camera 98-feet underwater and capture HDR videos.

Brave 6 Plus has an appreciable image stabilization like a 6-axis gimbal. You can also take advantage of 8x zoom to get up and close with your subjects. 

Best of all, you can shoot videos using voice control. You don't need to depend on your hands all the time!

3. AKASO V50X: Small HD Video Camera with Screen

A screen lets you frame your videos and capture your shots the way you want. AKASO V50X comes with a handy screen to act as your viewfinder. It fully touches sensitive and easy to navigate, even for first-time users. 

V50X carries the trademark quality of AKASO and captures 4K videos at 30fps. You can also shoot HD videos at 90fps with electronic image stabilization. You don't need to worry about shakes or blurs anymore.

V50X features an adjustable field of view to manage your frames. You can shoot as much or as little as you want easily.

4. Brave 7 LE: Small Waterproof Video Camera

Shooting in rugged conditions needs a sturdy camera. Brave 7 LE is IPX7 water-resistant to avoid any worries of spillages or splashes. You can shoot videos in the rain and shine without difficulties ever!

4K 30fps videos are a standard, and you can also take 20MP images. The camera also comes with a splashproof remote to make you go hands-free. 

Brave 7 LE packs a screen both on the rear and in front of the camera. You can shoot yourself and record your commentary to provide context to your videos.

5. Osmo Pocket Handheld Video Camera: Small Handheld Video Camera

Osmo Pocket is an ultra-small video camera for your mobile shooting needs. It features a 3-axis gimbal to take stable videos even during earthquakes! You can shoot 4K videos at 60fps and take crisp images at 12MP.

Osmo is easy to hold and fits nicely in your palms. You have an in-built screen on the holder to help you find your view. Plus, the camera has an intelligent cooling system to dissipate heat.

Coming from DJI, it's surely a small video camera you want to check out.

6. Arlo Pro 3: Small Outdoor Video Camera for Surveillance

Arlo is the ultimate surveillance camera money can buy. It comes with a 6-month battery backup and 2K HDR surveillance to protect your home and family. The camera easily mounts on a magnetic base that can attach to your walls and ceilings.

Arlo Pro 3 comes with a 160-degree viewing angle and color night vision. It also has a spotlight that turns on by sensing motion. You can also take advantage of two-way audio for easy communication.

Pro 3 is weather-resistant and can withstand rain, cold, and heat. 

7. Fredi Mini Hidden Camera: Small Video Camera for Spying

Fredi is a tiny video camera fit for spying on your enemies. You can fix it on any part of your dress or bag to take footage without being noticed. The camera shoots in 1080p and supports SD cards up to 128GB. It also features IR night vision to help you shoot at night.

Fredi sports a motion sensor and sends you auto picture alerts in case of something, or someone moves at your house. You can even connect the camera to your WiFi for easy operation.

Fredi uses your smartphone to provide live feeds. You can also enjoy a 140-degree field of vision.

Final Thoughts

Pick a video camera that suits your needs and start shooting your videos. All our recommendations work great and provide professional outcomes. Consider the storage and battery life to pick the right camera for your application.

While portability is always one of your top priorities when it comes to a smaller camera, don't miss out on some of the other great features that can help you take better shots. 


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