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Best Time Lapse Camera for Construction, Snow, Sunset, and More


Time-lapse photography has become trendy thanks to the high demand for engagement-promoting videos for platforms like YouTube. If you're looking for the best time-lapse camera to purchase, you're in the right place. You should go for one that has excellent battery life. 

We’ve made a list of options for your choice. But first, let's understand how time-lapse photography works!

What is time-lapse photography?

You can't fully understand time-lapse photography without knowing how to make videos. When you see motion in the television and cinema world, what you're seeing are still images displayed one by one at a given frame rate. The frame rate can be around 24 to 30 frames per second. This means that 10-second footage consists of about 200 to 300 still images shown rapidly to create motion.

You can apply this school of thought to photography by taking several images, one after another, over a given period. When you play the pictures at a frame rate (for example, 25fps), you'll have just made a time-lapse video.

Time Lapse

Best Cameras for Timelapse

Outdoor time-lapse camera – Brinno BCC200

This camera is excellent for security surveillance and short-term outdoor construction projects. The package consists of a 720P camera, clamp for monitoring, and waterproof housing. Brinno BCC200 allows you to set a daily timer, programming the hours to begin and end your shoot every day. After recording your video, you can easily share it by pushing a single button.

Brinno BCC200 has a clear water-resistant case and a long-lasting 4 AA battery. It comes with an aeronautical alloy clamp to provide a base that can attach to outdoor surfaces. You can shoot from any desired angle you like, thanks to a 360° rotating ball joint. 

This camera offers excellent innovation using premium hardware for event videos, custom time-lapse, and security. 

Brinno BCC200

Construction time-lapse camera – Brinno BCC2000

This camera has excellent battery life and is great for construction and outdoor time-lapse. Brinno BCC2000 is perfect for security surveillance and long-term outdoor construction projects. The package consists of a 1080P camera, clamp, and waterproof housing. 

With the Brinno BCC2000, you can set a daily timer and program the hours to begin and end your shoot every day. After recording your video, you can easily share it by pushing a single button. You have the wireless setup option for places that are off the grid and for the privacy of data. The camera has a weather-resistant case for protection.

You will get solar panel compatibility and CS-mount for the interchangeable lens in the enclosure. Brinno BCC2000 has a stainless steel industrial clamp for adjusting to larger surfaces. You can shoot at any desired angle with its 360° rotating ball joint. The camera has an innovative design and comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Brinno BCC2000

4K time-lapse camera: AKASO Brave 7

Instead of a traditional single screen, the AKASO brave 7 has an innovative dual screen to give you the best shooting experience. It's waterproof, down to 16 feet without any external case. You can swim, play in the water, ride in the rain, snorkel, surf, and perform other water sports safely and efficiently. AKASO Brave 7 can shoot at an angle much larger than that of your mobile phone with its 170-degree super angle. 

The camera supports several viewing angles, including 70/110/140, making it great for a vlog, stories, and movies. You can capture your favorite moments with AKASO brave 7's 20MP photo and 4k30fps video capabilities. The camera allows you to correct distorted images by turning on distortion calibration. Enjoy a hands-free experience using voice control.

Brave 7

Cheap time-lapse camera – AKASO EK7000

This camera is excellent for shooting underwater because of its waterproof case that can go as deep as 98 feet. AKASO EK7000 is the perfect camera for swimming, diving, drifting, water skiing, surfing, etc. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens that allows capturing of wide-angle view. This camera will enable you to capture a broader field view.

You will get to enjoy several shooting modes, including burst photo, loop recording, and time-lapse. The camera comes with valuable accessories that allow you to mount it anywhere you want. Controlling this camera, recording video, and framing shots are easy with a 2.4G wrist remote control. AKASO EK7000 camera has two 1050mAh batteries, each battery recording for about 90 minutes.


Time-Lapse Video Ideas

Beard Growth Time Lapse

Beard growth time-lapse is an excellent idea, and it's easy to make. To create one, you must keep the camera still and take your photos from the same spot at all times.

Stars Time Lapse

Stars Time-lapse is always beautiful to watch. Creating one requires a good camera, a sturdy tripod, and other equipment. You can also edit your images to make them even more stunning.

Star Trail

Sunset Time Lapse

To create a standard time-lapse, you'll need a wide-angle lens. This way, you'll be able to capture the sunset and everything surrounding it. Broad cinematic views are excellent for landscape time-lapses. If you want a natural-looking time-lapse, you must use a sturdy tripod to keep your camera still.

Sunset Time Lapse

Pregnancy Time Lapse

Pregnancy time-lapses are easy to create. You must ensure to take your images from a particular spot every time. This will make your video look like a seamless continuation. You can take a photo every day, but don't worry if you miss a day or two.

Time Lapse of Plant

The first thing to do when creating a time-lapse is to identify the plant. Determine the total time taken to help you plan for the time-lapse. This information will give you insights on how to the amount of storage you'll need. You'll also know how to adjust your camera to get the best results.

Time Lapse of Snowfall

Much like every other time-lapse, a snowfall time-lapse requires a good camera and a sturdy tripod. The secret to getting the most seamless videos is a steady camera and consistent settings. It's important that all the images are taken from the same position.

Snowfall Time Lapse


Time-lapse photography can be easy with the right equipment. The best camera to use should have a strong battery and other useful features. You can pick any of the options listed above. We trust that you'll have the most memorable shooting experience!

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