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Bike Camera Mounts - 7 Clever Ways to Mount Cameras on a Bike
2020-11-20 18:36:22

Many bikers like to mount a small action camera on their bikes, either to record everything on the road as insurance evidence in case any accident happens or to simply take cool bike videos that can be shared on social media. 

There are various types of camera mounts that enable you to mount your camera in different places on a bike. This post will give you an introduction to different bike camera mounts and the pros and cons to mount cameras on different spots. 

Helmet Mount

The most popular way for a cyclist to mount a camera is using the helmet. Mounting the camera on the helmet can record what you see during the ride and are good for making videos of the spectacular landscape you see on a bike trip. 


Suitable for a road bike. Able to record what you see as you are riding. 

No need to mount the camera again if you have to switch to a new bike. 


Add extra weight on your head. Make the helmet uncomfortable for you. 

Fail to record the license plates if there is an accident. 

Make your helmet less stable.

Handlebar Mount

The handlebar is another popular spot for a cyclist to place a camera on. It can also record what is in front of you without adding weight to your head. You can choose to mount the camera above or below the handlebar. 


Above the bars: Easier to access and control the camera as you are cycling. 

Below the bars: Save the space above your handlebar to mount your bike light, GPS unit, smartphone  

More likely to capture a license plate as the handlebar is in a lower position comparing to a helmet. 


Not as good as mounting on a helmet in capturing the view. 

Too low to identify a driver if there is an accident.

Drop Bars

Bike Drop Bars

For those road bikes with drop bars, there is another spot to mount the camera with a handlebar mount. Mounting a camera on a drop bar can give you new perspective of what is happening on the road.


Easy to access the camera.

Record the cars behind you and how close the car is getting.


Sometimes it is difficult to capture clear videos because of the windshield glare.

Tend to vibrate especially on rough roads.

Seat mount

Bike Drop Bars

If you are having a rear-facing camera, mounting the camera on the seatpost is also an option, which can give you the clearest view of what is happening behind you. Mounting the camera on a drop bar also enables you to capture what is behind, however, it might be impeded by your legs sometimes. 


Capture what is behind you in the ride. If your bicycle has flat handlebars that are unable to work with a normal handlebar mount, a seat post mount is your better option. 


Not very convenient if you have a bag under your saddle. 

Mule Mount

Bike Drop Bars

With a mule mount, you can mount the camera on the bike grab, which can film yourself biking from a very interesting perspective.


Able to mount two cameras.

Clearly record the terrain as you are riding. 


Very limited perspective. 

Zip-tie mount

Bike Drop Bars

Using a zip-tie mount to mount a camera on the front fork of your bike can record the rider from a cool perspective. 


A zip-tie mount is very easy to use and cheap. 


You may not want to film only yourself in the whole riding. So you need to move the camera to another position after a while.

Chest Mount

Bike Drop Bars

A chest mount is a popular choice for mountain bike riders. It captures the great view of what you see in the front without adding burden on the helmet. It's more comfortable for a ride to wear a chest mount. 


Perfect for shooting cool bike videos, especially you are riding for fun. 


It can be impeded by your arms. 


Many mounts come with pivot arms, which enables you to film from a different perspective without changing the mounting position of the camera. 

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