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Best Clip-on Camera: Miniature Cameras for Fun Moments


Sharing great moments with family and friends add color to life.  Since you cannot always capture exciting moments with your phone or camera, clip-on cameras come in to solve the problem of missing out on good times. 

These cameras capture great moments while you are at it. They make life easier and come in handy anytime and any day if you find it stressful carrying the regular cam. 

But how do you pick out the best wearable camera? Well, we have selected and highlighted the best clip-on camera. 

Reviews of the Best Clip-on Camera in 2021

1. AKASO Keychain

AKASO Keychain is a great device that aids you record videos and takes pictures on the move. The hands-free button device is one of the best miniature cameras for fun moments in the market currently.

Besides, it allows you to take pictures, videos, and post them immediately on your social media accounts. It features 20MP and 4K/30FPS video for clean and clear footage. Furthermore, it has a 60 minutes run time that allows you to cover the exciting moments.

The clip-on body camera is equipped with electronic image stabilization; therefore, the images or videos won't be blurry even if you are shooting on the go. 

The clip-on camera has an easy clip, which enables you to attach the camera to your pocket, headband, and more.

AKASO Keychain Easy Clip

It also has a magnetic body and can be attached to any metallic surface and your cloth or backpack via a compatible.

AKASO Keychain Magnet

Moreover, with the pivot stand and mount base in the box, the tiny camera can be placed in any location easily. 

AKASO Keychain Pivot Stand

The camera can be controlled from your smartphone via the AKASO GO app on which you can take a shot, view, and edit the picture or video. Learn more about AKASO Keychain

2. Google Clips Camera

Google Clips Camera

Google clip is a smart clip-on camera for glasses, fabric, and other surfaces. It allows you to cover up to a 130-degree lens field of view when in use.

You also enjoy up to 3 hours of active capturing when in use. It comes in handy when you take on long adventurous trips or even use it as a hidden security camera. 

You do not need the internet to capture great moments with this device. The camera comes with a 16GB storage capacity, which is enough for storing images. But you may find it challenging to capture good images unless you position them in the right place. 

Google Clips camera needs to work with its compatible app. With the app, you enjoy regular software updates that keep the device smart and functional.  And transfer your photos from your camera to your phone's photo gallery and even Google Photos.

3. Narrative Clip 2

Narrative Clip 2

Narrative Clip camera offers you an opportunity to capture moments while you are there. All you need to do is clip it on, and it takes pictures. 

Navigating through this cam is seamless. You can tap on it twice to take a shot or place it in your pocket to stop use. It is ideal for capturing moments during vacations, family trips and outdoor events. 

It has a long-lasting battery that can stay for up to 2 days. Aside from being one of the best cameras that attach to glass, the device has a large storage capacity. It can store up to 6000 photos at once.

The device offers free cloud storage to ensure you don't run out of storage options. You can organize and manage your photos with it. The camera is ideal for short and long trips, outdoor events, and special, memorable activities.

The device allows you to connect with your social media and share your events with them. It is a good way to record life events and vlogs.

4. Qlippie Clip-on Camera

Qlippie Clip-on Camera

If you're the type that loves to be fashionable with a hands-free camera, then the Qlippie clip-on is a great option. With its 13 varieties of styles and colors, it lets you wear matching colors with your outfits.

It also has impressive features such as a waterproof protective covering for capturing images in water or rain. You can mount it on a tripod for clear shots. Besides, it has a strap that allows you to wear it on your wrist for convenience. 

Additionally, it comes with a 32GB flash memory which can store up to 5000 photos. Also, it has a long-lasting battery that can carry out 2.75 hours of non-stop video recording.  You can connect to the world and share your images on social with its WIFI connectivity features.

Overall, it is ideal for outdoor and vacations.

Final Word

Clip-on cameras are great devices that make sure you don't miss out on interesting moments. They are portable, easy to use, and smart too. Thanks to technology, you can connect with your social media and share your content on the move.

The piece above highlights the best clip-on camera and cheap hidden cam in the market today.  Go ahead and make the right buying decision. 

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