7 Easy Ways to Inflate a Pool(even without Pump)


What strikes your mind first when the need to inflate a pool arises? Of course, it is to use a pump. That's okay and works well! But what if you have no pump and still need to use that pool?

Perhaps taking deep breaths and blowing in air from your mouth would be an option. For the slow but sure occasions, yes! But the jaw and chest exhaustion after that exercise isn't worth explaining. 

Do you think there can be a way out? Yes, there are different ways to inflate a pool. Let's find out!

1. Air Compressors for Pool Inflation

If you have an air compressor, it can work well to inflate your kiddie or family pools. Automobile or bike owners know the importance of owning a good air compressor.

This equipment comes to the rescue when you are on transit and need to inflate or deflate your tires.

Before it can be effective, you need to have the correct nozzle attachment first. It should fit into the air inlet valve of the pool. 

Most manufacturers include an assortment of nozzles and attachments in the package. If you find one that fits intact enough, it can help you fill your inflatable pool with air in no time.

This method will be ideal if you have no other option but to own the air compressor. Otherwise, buying a compressor for pool inflation will seem extravagant.

Instead, investing in an electric pump will be a good and cheap option. We'll share below how you can use an air compressor to inflate a pool.

Step 1: Making the Connection and Setting Up

Find the positioning of the air inlet valve, then open it. Using the compressor hose, connect the equipment to the inlet valve.

But, you first need to have the proper attachment to ensure there is snugness. It allows for all the air to get into the inflatable pool within the shortest time.

After that, ensure that the attachment doesn't block the seal of the air filler valve. Moreover, some pools have air inlet valves with small plastic. Thus, it prevents the escape of air.

Besides, be careful with the plastic as it can block the air you are pumping from entering the pool. 

Step 2: Switch on and Inflate

Turn the compressor on, then inflate your pool. Once you fill the pool with as much air as possible, turn the compressor off. Then, disconnect the hose from the air valve on your pool.

Avoid over-inflating the pool. Moreover, ensure to turn the compressor off after testing the tightness of the inflatable pool. If it isn't tight enough, pump in some more air.

Proceed to cap your pool's air inlet valve. As a result, it secures in the air as any small escape would force you to re-do the procedure. The size of your compressor doesn't matter. If you get the proper attachment, you'll have an easy time using it.

You are all set to go for the most effective sunbathe and have your inflatable pool ready. It is time to pump in the air and have a good time cooling off.

Relax! Here's how you can inflate the pool in no time.

2. Using an Electric Pump

It is the most typical and easiest way to fill your inflatable pool with air. The best pumps to use should have high volume and low pressure.

What makes them ideal is their convenience and ease of use. The electric pumps can inflate giant floats in less than three minutes, and that's fantastic!

It saves you from using lung power that could take over an hour. So, if you want to float in no time, grab a good electric pump. 

3. Use the Combination of Water Bottle and Hair Dryer

Seems fun? It sure is! If you are crafty enough, this will be a great way to experiment. You can use a dryer if it has been gathering a lot of dust in the garage.

You might be questioning how this is possible as the dryer doesn't have a nozzle that will fit well. We got you!

No need to keep wobbling as you already have the tools. Cut out a water bottle to create a nozzle. Tape the cut bottle to your dryer. What we need is funneling as much air as possible into the pool through that nozzle.

Before turning on your dryer, set it on cold mode. That's because you don't want to damage the pool using heat.

4. Using A Small Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come in handy when you need to have a good relaxation time in the pool. You'll have to set it on the blow mode then push its hose to the inlet valve.

These items are pricey and will be great if you already own one. But, if you don't have one, don't spend for this reason alone.

If you prefer to use the vacuum cleaner, be careful to avoid over-inflating the pool. These tools have a lot of pressure, and things might not turn out well if you are not cautious enough. 

5. Using a Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are standard home equipment; thus, if you own one, good for you. Here's the trick to using a leaf blower well. First, you need someone to use the blower. You can hold the inflatable pool and the other person grabs the leaf blower. 

Like we insist on the vacuum cleaner pressure, so does the same apply to a leaf blower. A little more caution will do!

6. Try With a Bicycle Pump, Foot Pump, or a Hand Pump

It's an old-school trick. Do you wonder if it could work out? You could be right. But, if it works, why not try it? One plus side of using either of the three is the savings on electricity.

Such tools are portable, and you can use them anywhere-even in places without electricity.

But, we won't lie here. The manual aspect of pumping can be tedious. Think about the fatigue, mainly if you are inflating a large float.

7. Using a Large Bag to Inflate a Pool

Another method? Sure! We are full of ideas to put on the list. So, we can cover a few more workable options here still.

It sounds shocking and almost impossible, right? But necessity is the mother of an actual invention, and here we are with another hack.

Step 1: Get Your Materials Together

There's not much you will need here. Your inflatable pool and the large bag are essential items. 

Step 2: Filling the Bag With Air

Locate the air inlet valve and open it. Fill the bag with air until it is full enough. 

Step 3: Create a Passage

With your hand, make an opening on the bag. It should be very tiny but should fit into the air inlet valve. 

Step 4: Inflate

Hold the opening you created on the bag and press it to the air inlet valve of the pool. Compress the bag to push air out of it and into the inflatable pool.

Once the pool is full of air, cap the valve to secure the air inside the pool.

As hard as it sounds, the method works. But, you can see that it needs more energy and time. It might be a good exercise for kids and teens.

Final Thoughts!

The hot weather is for cold brews, shorts, and swimming costumes. Getting your inflatable pool ready for action doesn't have to be a tedious task. If you have some equipment mentioned above, there isn't any need to worry.

Now you know different ways to inflate your pool. All these methods can help you inflate the pool when there is no pump available. So, which method do you find most suitable to inflate a pool?


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