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Best Ice Fishing Camera in 2021


With an ice fishing camera, you can take your fishing to the next level. Ice fishing cameras allow you to see exactly what is happening under the ice and know better if your target species is interested in your bait or even there.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best ice fishing cameras in 2021. We looked at the top models currently on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each model. This article will educate you and help you choose the best ice fishing camera according to your personal needs. Whether you want to buy one yourself or want to give it as a gift to a fisher, this information is for you.

We've reviewed the eight best ice fishing cameras available on the market right now. Read carefully and see if there is one that meets your needs.

Budget underwater camera for ice fishing

1. Garmin® Striker™ 4 Portable Bundle $269.99

This wonderfully designed ice fishing camera is one of the best cameras on the market. Its fishing cameras and protective covers are beautifully painted and stylishly designed. It has a relatively large viewing monitor and standard cable length, which can be used with deep sunken cameras.

One of the best parts of this model is that it is cheaper than other brands and does not affect its high-resolution cameras and color LCD displays.


  • ◆ Cheaper than competing brands

  • ◆ Continuous work for up to eight hours

  • ◆ Fashionable, exciting design and luxurious protective cover


  •  ◆ No anti-corrosion or anti-freeze function

2. Aqua-Vu AV715c Underwater Camera $299.99

This affordable fishing camera can provide everything you need to make your activity more worthwhile.

The package includes a 15m cable, a 7-inch wide high-resolution observation display with sun visor, anti-radiation cam, removable battery, and charger.

Known as the best tool for ice fishing, Aqua-Vu can play an excellent role even in the depths of ice and can work in dark water environments.

This is because its adjustable infrared LED lighting system emits bright light when needed.


  • ◆ Clear display

  • ◆ Adjustable LED lights

  • ◆ Ideal for ice fishing


  • ◆  No water depth info information on the viewing screen 

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3. Lowrance® Hook2 Fishfinder with All Season Pack $349.99

This innovative fishing camera system uses temperature and depth-sensing technology to help fishers truly understand their environment. With the impressive visual screen, you can see the fish clearly, which increases the chance of catching the fish you need.


  • ◆ 120 degree of visual detection

  •  Excellent battery life

  • ◆ Infrared night vision capabilities


  • ◆ No anti-corrosion capabilities

Mid-range ice fishing camera

4. Marcum Pursuit HD Underwater Viewing System $549.99

This model is a great fishing tool you might want to get started. It is not only well-designed but also equipped with outstanding features that every fisher needs. Its slogan is "Small size, but big function." It has a 5-inch widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. With this viewing panel, you can view underwater actions in real-time without actually entering the water. This infrared underwater fishing camera can make you see clearly even when the water is blurry.


  • ◆ High-resolution display panel

  • ◆ Excellent battery life

  • ◆ Durable materials

  • ◆ High functional design


  • ◆ There is no strong protection to prevent sun glare

  • ◆ 110-degree limited field of view

5. Garmin® Striker Plus 5 Ice Bundle $519.99

Many fishing enthusiasts like this camera for many reasons and one of the reasons is because it has a widescreen monitor. With this monitor, you will be able to determine when and where to hit the fishing rod or exactly where to cast the fishing net.

It also has excellent battery life, up to 6 hours, making it a more suitable companion for fishing activities.


  • ◆ Excellent battery life

  • ◆ IP68 waterproof

  • ◆ Long cable

  • ◆ Widescreen

  • ◆ Very portable


◆ No corrosion resistance

6. Humminbird® Ice Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 $699.99

Humminbird® Ice Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 uses smart technology that makes it so unique compared to other fishfinders. It allows you to perform a hands-free operation while still getting the best underwater video you can imagine.

Equipped with highly sensitive and intelligent sensors, it is now considered the best fishing camera for tech-savvy fishers. You can connect it to an iOS or Android phone via WIFI to view the content captured in real-time.


  • ◆ Built-in GPS

  • ◆ WIFI connection

  • ◆ Lightweight and portable

  • ◆ Sleek design

  • ◆ Intelligent detection sensor

  • ◆ Automatic low light night vision   


  • ◆ Not the best choice in low light conditions

  • ◆ No anti-corrosion or anti-freeze function

7. Vexilar® FLX-20 Pro Pack II with 12° Ice Ducer $749.99

The Vexilar® FLX-20 Pro Pack II with a 12° Ice Ducer is an excellent middle of the line model. Its detection range is an impressive 120 degrees, which means it can see a vast amount of water during the day or night. RAM compatibility means you can easily record videos and take photos with this high-resolution camera at any time. It comes with a soft protective cover, so you need to keep the equipment properly to avoid damaging it.


  • ◆ 120-degree visual detection

  • ◆ Full RAM compatibility

  • ◆ Infrared lights mean night vision capabilities

  • ◆ You can record videos and take photos stored on any RAM card


  • ◆ No corrosion resistance

Premium Ice Fishing Camera

8. Humminbird® Ice Helix™ 7 CHIRP GPS G3N All Season Bundle $1,129.99

This is one of the more expensive systems on the market. For its price, you will enjoy a high-resolution display with infrared capabilities. You can customize the brightness, contrast, and clarity of the view. This means you can get a clearer picture of the water.

This camera is perfect for perfectionists who want to toggle with the camera for an ideal experience.


  • ◆ Customizable adjustment of brightness, contrast, and clarity to make the viewing experience more high-quality

  • ◆ Can switch colors for customization

  • ◆ Infrared lighting and dark water LED for night vision


  • ◆ No anti-corrosion or anti-freeze function

FAQ about Filming Ice Fishing Underwater

1. What makes a good ice fishing camera? 

A good ice fishing camera should have a decent monitor size (5-10 inches). The size of the display, resolution, and clarity is an important consideration. A good ice fishing camera should also have a large storage capacity and a good battery life. The top ice fishing camera can be used continuously for 12 hours, while the worst option can be as low as 4 hours.

2. What's better for ice fishing, a flasher, or a camera?

The flasher is the best for ice fishing. The flasher will show you what's going on in the entire water column; the camera will only show a small piece at a depth at any given time. As a serious fishing tool, a good depth finder or flasher is best for ice fishing.

3. Can you film underwater with a GoPro?

Yes, you can record videos underwater with GoPro or GoPro alternatives cameras because they have waterproof protection of up to 35ft.


These are the top eight best ice fishing cameras available on the market. Among them, we think the best is Humminbird® Ice Helix™ 7. It shows amazing performance in low light fishing conditions, and you can clearly see the bait and fish so that you can decide the next move.

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