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Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera For Motorcycle Touring


The best part of riding a motorcycle is probably the freedom it provides for you. Nevertheless, there are sometimes that you will want to share the thrills that you have had and the fantastic scenery that you have captured. Although you could quickly tell the tales of your experience, nothing speaks better than real video footage and photographs. Hence with the increase in social media popularity, many riders are even more passionate about capturing exciting moments in videos to share with friends in real-time or after editing.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

As the name suggests, a motorcycle helmet camera is a camera that can be placed on your helmet to record your motorcycle tour. Since the camera has to go on a motorcycle ride with you, the camera should be rugged, sturdy, and able to overcome shakiness.

Here are the things you should look for when you are searching for a motorcycle helmet camera that can get your cool motorcycle videos to brag about. 

- Video quality: You want to record smooth and clear videos of the beautiful views you see on the road. So check the video resolution of the motorcycle helmet cameras. Cameras with 4K video resolution will give you the best result, although some motorcycle cameras with 1080p resolution can give you decent videos as well.

- Image Stabilization: Camera shakiness is inevitable on motorcycle riding. A motorcycle helmet camera with image stabilization can correct the blurriness caused by camera shakiness and deliver stable and smooth videos. Make sure the camera you are going to purchase provides electronic or even optical image stabilization. 

- Frame Per Second: Frame Per Second(FPS) is another factor that decide the smoothness of the videos. The more frames a camera captures in one second, the smoother the video will be. Many motorcycle helmet cameras offer 30FPS, 60FPS, and 120FPS video recording. Remember to check the FPS data before you make your decision.

- Battery: Since a motorcycle ride can take several hours or even a whole day. The recording time of the motorcycle helmet camera is important. You don't want a camera that goes dead halfway through your trip. A motorcycle helmet camera should be able to work in a row for 60 minutes to 3 hours. 

- Field of View: Field of View(FOV) decide the scope a camera can capture of the scenery. Most motorcycle helmet cameras can offer a wide FOV of 170 degrees, while the wider FOV is better. 

5 Best Cameras to Mount on Motorcycle Helmet

Below we have selected the top five motorcycle helmet cameras, evaluating them based on the factors mentioned above. 

Garmin VIRB XE Action Camera

Video quality: 1080p videos at 60 frame per second.

Image stabilization:  Yes. Gyro-based image stabilization.

Frame per second: up to 240FPS.

Recording time2 hours of 1080p/30fps video.

Field of view: up to 119 degrees.

This motorcycle helmet camera is a premium choice for anyone who wants to record their adventures and enjoy viewing them at a later time. It costs $319.99. Since Garmin is such a reliable and well-known brand to navigate, it's no wonder that many trust them to catch their favorite moments in real-time.

It can shoot fantastic, high-quality videos in 1080p/60fps and 480p/120fps. The camera features an all-glass lens that deals with high resolution and high-quality zoom ratios to make the best images possible.

The camera has a picture button for a short selfie and takes wide-angle images at ten frames per second. The camera also allows you to take snapshots even when you're recording video, so you don't have to miss your shot by adjusting the configurations.

 AKASO V50 Elite

Video quality: 4K videos at 60 frame per second.

Image stabilization:  Yes. Electronic image stabilization.

Frame per second: up to 240FPS.

Recording time: 90 minutes of 4K video.

Field of view: up to 170 degrees.

Are you hunting for one of the best helmet cameras for motorcycles? If so, it's worthwhile to consider the best-selling brand AKASO, which continues to churn out a decent performance and beautifully priced action cameras to challenge GoPro. 

This is a budget motorcycle helmet camera that you can get for $139.99. And you can get it with 10% here at

AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera provides some of the top-drawer features. The primary function is 4K, with 60 frames per second (fps). This is the best quality video capture possible on the conventional camera market, so it's nice to see it on this challenger action camera.

And with a waterproof case, the camera can keep working on rainy days. It's even piled on the accessories to enable you to mount on a motorcycle helmet easily. 

Also, there's a "wrist remote" to facilitate no-touch recording. There's also you can control the camera from an iOS and Android mobile app.

The V50 Elite camera also features loop recording, which enables you to use the camera as a dash camera. 

Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Headset & Camera

Video quality: 2K/30FPS

Image stabilization:  No

Frame per second: up to 30FPS.

Recording time: 2 hours.

Field of view: up to 135º.

The Sena 10C Pro is a perfect product for someone who rides with others. If you're traveling solo, you'll typically find an excellent value for your needs since it intends to get other riders to interact with each other.

The headphone and camera are also Wi-Fi enabled and have a single-bodied configuration that combines both the video camera and the headset. The Sena 10C Pro will fire at 1080p with 60 frames per second or 1440p with 30 frames per second.

The Sena 10C Pro will take photographs in shots, flashes, or time-lapses. This leaves a lot of space to get innovative with the video of your camera. The lens can also spin up to 30 degrees, allowing more to be filmed.

There are an iPhone and Android mobile app that's supposed to be used for this camera. It also has a sophisticated noise reduction that stops the videos from being too abrasive on your ears.

You can get it for $305.00 on Amazon right now. 

GoPro Hero 9

Video quality: 5K/30FPS.

Image stabilization:  Yes.

Frame per second: up to 240FPS.

Recording time: 3 hours.

Field of view: up to 170º.

The GoPro Hero 9 is more powerful in any way: larger battery, more massive body, more extensive video, and picture resolution. Hero 9 is also one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras. It’s also a plus. For the first time, it comes in a reusable case with no disposable wrapping, which is significant for Earth, dirt, and air that GoPro has encouraged us to discover. In terms of stabilization, HyperSmooth 3.0 is much more stable this year. 

We are always amazed at the in-camera stabilization, and the latest one this year is the in-camera horizontal leveling feature while shooting in a linear frame that's a bit cropped in from a large frame. This makes it very easy to keep the horizon on the frame. The Max Lens mod adds an even larger structure to the Hero 9. It allows horizontal alignment, no matter the camera's direction, thanks to the spherical image it captures on the sensor.

You can get GoPro Hero 9 at $399.99.

Contour HD Helmet Camera

Video quality: 1080p.

Image stabilization:  Yes.

Frame per second: up to 30FPS.

Recording time: 4 hours.

Field of view: up to 135º.

The Contoured Helmet camera is a versatile, semi-rugged, efficiently designed HD camera ideal for all sorts of sports and active activities where a full-size camera is not feasible. The 1080p video still has lovely image quality, but skew and compression mean that it's more of an enthusiast tool than a technical one. 

One of the best aspects of Contour+ is that it uses a vast scale on the top instead of a recording press. This may sound like a minute detail, but a 2-inch slider is way more comfortable to use than a button when you're wearing heavy gloves. More specifically, the camera's recording status is exact.

It is priced at $299.99.

Motorcycle Helmet with Rear View camera

In this segment, we summarized the best motorcycle helmet with a rear camera. We made this list based on primary factors, including protection, comfort, battery life, video quality, and more. We gathered some of the most acceptable motorcycle helmets with a rear-view camera below:

Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Motorcycle Helmet

The beautiful Reevu MSX1 motorbike helmet with a rear-view camera is a luxury model in the rear-view technology product range. The Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Motorcycle Helmet fitted with a rear-view vision system is the first of its kind in the motorsport world.

The Reevu MSX1 Silver Metallic Helmet features a rear-view technology intended to bend light across the inside body of the helmet so that the wearer can get a better view of what's behind it. It is one of the best rear-view camera helmets made with the Aerospace Filament-Reinforced Polycarbonate Shell. It includes the MIPS Brain Defense Device that protects the hood, the ring, and the rear of the helmet, providing additional protection from rotational aggression to the brain.

Cross Helmet X1 Word

The Cross Helmet is the result of the Kickstarter concept launched on 13 September 2017. This helmet can be classified as a smart helmet. Recently, intelligent helmets are beginning to surface more regularly on the market for road helmets. The helmet has a curved and aerodynamic shape. It includes a LEXAN polycarbonate shell of variable thickness. That's why the design of this helmet parallels the helmets of the car industry.

The front air intake is engineered as a breathing mask, and the viewfinder is spherical. These two together create a lot more viewing space for the rider. The chin shield is partially out of the face. Cross Helmet X1 is a smart HUD motorcycle helmet that provides different travel details. This includes your current pace, compass, current weather, predicted weather statistics, current time, network access, and battery level.

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