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Best Skateboard Cameras In 2021


Skateboarding is a sport of not only skill and technique but also creativity and aesthetics. As a skater, you might often want to record cool skateboarding moments.  

Maybe you would like to capture skateboarders or shoot skateboarding videos, maybe you want to document yourself while you skate.  And a skate camera that is lightweight and capable of great image quality is what you need. 

Here we conclude with 5 best cameras for filming skateboarding and 2 cameras for skateboarding photography. Whether you want to record yourself or others in skateboarding, these cameras can give your videos and photos in high resolution. Whether you are a beginner photographer or a pro, whether you are on a budget or not, you are sure to find one camera on this list that will suit your needs. 

Best Camera for Filming Skateboarding

1. Canon Vixia R800 (US$249.00)

The R800 is a budget camcorder that has the basic features needed to be a great skate camera. Although this camera doesn't have the ability to record 4k videos, it can still record full HD 1080p videos at 60fps. One cool thing about this camcorder is its 3-inch touchscreen LCD display that is 270-degrees rotatable, allowing you to have a good view of the skateboarding motion from different angles. 

This camera has a 57x zoom that makes it easy for you to shoot the skateboarder a bit far away from you without losing details or compromising the quality of your footage. Also, the optical image stabilization on this camera allows you to shoot smooth handheld videos with ease. To make things even better, this camera is lightweight and has long battery life.


- Small and lightweight. Suitable for filming skateboarding.

- Easy to hold the camera when moving with the attached hand strap.

- Modestly priced.

- 32x optical zoom.


-No 4K recording.

- Poor performance in low light. 

2. AKASO Brave 7 ($149.99)

AKASO Brave 7 is an action camera, which means it is so small and lightweight that you can wear it on your helmet, shoulder, or even mount it on your skateboard to shoot videos on the go. This camera allows you to shoot 4K videos at 30fps. When you dial down the resolution to 1080p, you can shoot at 120fps making it easy for you to produce slow-motion videos. The Brave 7 also features advanced electronic image stabilization allowing you to shoot smooth and steady videos in motion. 

It also has the ability to capture still images up to 20MP and its 170-degree field of view allows you to shoot wide-angle videos. This camera also comes with some accessories that will definitely be of use to you, for example, you can mount the action cam to your skateboard, helmet with the mounts in the box. 


- Tiny camera that you can wear to film skate videos when you are doing your tricks.

- Budget-friendly.

- Image stabilization.

- Built-in microphone.

- Voice control. 


- No SD card included. 

3. GoPro Hero 9($399.99)

While GoPro Hero 9 is an amazing camera, you should know that it isn't cheap (Also Read: Cheap Off-brand GoPro to Save Your Money). However, it has everything you will need or want from a skateboard camera. This action camera allows you to shoot stunning 5k videos that still maintain detail even when zooming in. You still have the option to shoot 4k videos at 60fps allowing you to produce crisp slow-motion videos of skateboarding; and if you ever feel like taking photographs with it, it still will get good results.

The Hero 9 features two screens – a front screen and a rear screen. The front screen can be really useful when taking selfies or shooting selfie videos. This camera also has a hybrid hardware-software image stabilization that makes producing smooth and steady videos easy even when you are carrying the camera on the skateboard.


- Great video quality of 5K.

- Image stabilization.

- Voice control.


- Expensive action camera.

- Laggy touch screen.

4. Sauleoo 4K Camcorder($129.99)

This is a pretty cheap camera and great for beginners. Nevertheless, it offers the needed features that you would want from a skateboard filming camera. It can shoot 4k videos at 24fps, capture high-quality 30MP photos, and give you access to 16x digital zoom.

The remote control function of this camera makes it really fun to use. If you are shooting your skateboarding videos alone, you could simply just mount this camera on a tripod and control it remotely. You can even use the remote control to capture stills while recording. This camera is also lightweight and comes with two 1500mAh batteries.


- Cheap skate video camera.

- Lightweight and easy to carry.


- Low video resolution.

- No image stabilization.

5. Panasonic 4K Ultra Camcorder HC-VX981K ($797.99)

This camera from Panasonic is quite impressive. It provides you with some modern camera features that will help improve the overall quality of your videos. This Panasonic camera has subject tracking even when shooting in 4k. It also has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode that makes it an excellent camera for not only shooting videos but taking high-quality photos.

It has built-in Wi-Fi which makes it possible for you to control this camera with your smartphone with the help of an app. One cool thing about this camera that you don't see often is the ability to edit footage right there in the camera. Why wait to find a computer to make simple edits when you can easily do it with your camera.


- In-editing functions.

- Works with multiple smartphones to create picture-in-picture effect.

- Compact size.


- Poor battery performance in 4K video recording.

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Best Camera for Skateboarding Photography

1. Nikon F5

The Nikon F5 is a professional standard film camera or SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera. This camera has a tough and durable build and is one that is sure to last you a long time. Although many photographers shy away from the Nikon F5 because it is a film camera, you can still get results similar to that obtained from a DSLR.

This camera has very fast autofocus which allows you to get clear shots of moving subjects. It also has a bright viewfinder with focus confirmation that makes it easy for you to tell if your subject is in focus. This can be especially useful when using a manual focus lens. Despite being a film camera, the Nikon F5 has the qualities of a good skateboard camera.


- Professional specs.

- Fast autofocus.

- Bright viewfinder


- Discontinued by the manufacturer.

2. Canon EOS 1V

The Canon EOS 1V is another professional film camera that has the features required of a skateboard camera. It has a solid build and it feels comfortable to hold and use. It has a great autofocus system that works fine even in dark conditions. Its viewfinder is also large, clear, and bright making it easy to get a perfect view of your subject.

Also, when using a flash with the Canon EOS 1V, there is no noticeable delay. One nice addition to this camera is the “registered after focus point” button that allows you to switch easily between previously selected AF points. This button will be absolutely useful when dealing with multiple subjects. 


- Professional grade film quality.

- Sturdy build.


- Too heavy to carry.

To Wrap Things Up …

Whether you are a skateboard photographer or videographer, or you are just someone who wants to show off some cool skateboarding skills, there is a camera for you. The 7 cameras listed above are some of the best skateboard cameras you would find; and no matter what your needs are, they are sure to deliver.

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