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How to Start SUP Fishing?


Are you stoked and nervous about your first SUP fishing experience? Did you buy an inflatable SUP? Or perhaps a hardboard SUP? Most anglers choose the inflatable SUP because of its price, stability, and portability. However, should you buy one of them do ensure you get one with a planning hull – it offers more stability and better maneuvering for you. 

After you've got yourself a SUP expressly designed for fishing, you might have other questions. 

We have got you covered. 

This article will explore all the important aspects of SUP fishing and will help kick-start your journey smoothly. 

Paddle Board Fishing Accessories 

Here is the list of the six essential items which you must cross-check before fishing.

1. Rod Holder: 

Although most paddleboards come with rod holders, you can mount news one on the existing paddleboard as well. These are very convenient and will ensure your deck is more organized. 

2. Cooler

Cooler for Fishing

Fishing can be extremely exhausting, and you must stay hydrated. Make sure to carry sufficient amounts of water and perhaps your favorite beverage. 

You can transform the cooler into a seat as well. If you are exhausted from standing and want to chill for a bit, then your cooler can be doubled as a comfortable seat. 

Rubber Stabilisers are a must-have to securely attach your cooler to the deck and prevent it from falling into the water. 

3. SUP Fishing Light: 

If you plan to go wishing right after dawn or late at night, you will need a light. Although flashlights will do the work, they are not convenient to use in this circumstance. SUP board light is your life-saver here as you can attach it to the board with much ease. It will also be an indicator for other vessels. 

4. Anchor: 

It could not be very pleasant to drift from your fishing hotspot. Since SUP is lightweight, a small anchor will suffice and warrant you driftless. 

5. Paddle Leash: 

This isn't completely necessary while fishing, but it will prove to be a great investment in the future. If you've accidentally toppled into the water, a paddle leash will come to your rescue. 

6. SUP Stabilisers: 

This is a great purchase for beginners who are still learning to balance on the paddleboard. They improve the overall stability of the SUP in water. 

Fishing SUP Setup

The following steps are your Bible to an excellent first-time fishing experience. 

Choosing your board: For fishing, it is important to select a wide and stable paddleboard where you can stand for longer durations without falling into the water. A long and wide paddleboard will guarantee huge storage space to keep all your fishing gear and accessories in place. 

Safety Equipment: There is numerous safety equipment prescribed by the officials, such as the safety whistle, life jacket, distress signal, and nautical light for your safety while fishing on the paddleboard. Make sure to cross-check with the local regulations for any other requirements. 

Fishing Gear:

Trout fishing is different than river fishing. While we've explored the basic fishing accessories in the previous section, here are the various components of the fishing gear which you must carry. 

- Landing Nets: If you are eyeing a large catch, then a landing net would come in handy because there are fair chances of the paddleboard tipping over. 

- Rods and reels: Needless to say, you cannot go fishing without rods and reels. The choice of the rod depends on the category of fish you are trying to catch. Make sure to pack them the night before. 

- Pliers: You will use the pliers to set up the fishing gear and, at times, remove the hook from a fish's mouth or fill. Try to hook them to your SUP so that you can access them conveniently. 

- Leader Material: If you have got a humongous catch disturbing your rig, you will have no choice but to start from scratch. A spool of line, extra hooks, and lead weights are important fishing gear to help you out in such a scenario. 

Paddle Board vs Kayak: Why SUP is a Better Choice?


Paddle Board and Kayaks are an excellent choice for your next fishing escapade. You can explore a variety of fun outdoor activities with them. We are sure reading about both of them has set the cogs in your brain moving. 

In this section, we will compare paddleboards and kayaks in detail. Stay with us till the end of the article to discover who stands the undefeated winner. 

Portability: SUP is the clear winner because they are lightweight and can transport them with ease. 

Getting Back On: It's no surprise that you might land up in the water due to unforeseeable circumstances, but you must get back on your SUP or Kayak with ease. To get back on a Kayak, you will have to flip the Kayak, which can be very exhausting. It's relatively easier to get back on the SUP because of their enhanced stability and capsize nature. 

Visibility: Standing v/s Sitting is a good analogy to understand Paddleboard v/s Kayak in terms of visibility. The ability to stand on the SUP increases your visibility which is significant for a premium catch.

Features: D-rings are very common on Paddleboards and help enhance stability. The other striking features such as rod holders, cooler for the seat, and the multitude of accessories make SUP a perfect and convenient fit for fishing. 

From the comparison above, SUP stands as the clear winner over Kayak when it comes to fishing. Without further ado, get on the SUP and embark on your fishing adventure. 


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