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Top Digital Camera with Built-in WiFi


Even though our smartphone has become the best compact camera for the mere fact of having it always at hand and for the great versatility and quality that we can already find, the truth is that mobile can never replace a conventional camera.

Uploading photos to social networks such as Instagram where you can see insta stories, taken with the mobile camera is fine, but publishing images taken with a full sensor and of higher quality is another story. The best thing for this is to have a camera with the option to share the moments captured directly with our device.

A few years ago it was rare to see a camera with a WiFi connection included. Now they are the majority and it is easy to find very attractive models that offer this plus: being able to send photos to other devices without using cables. 

A WiFi photo camera is still a conventional camera but with wireless communication capacity to send images to external devices. As such, it is not a category of its own. We will find them in a compact, mirrorless, reflex, or mountable formats. If you don't know where to start, don't worry, we have a list of cameras with WiFi for you.

Action Camera with Wi-Fi

1. AKASO EK7000


A very attractive and versatile advanced action & waterproof camera that is AKASO EK7000, if you get all the accessories and a very interesting starter kit, with a cover included, by the way. 

Its 170° Wide Angle Lens and 2-inch LCD Display once again show that AKASO must continue to be considered as one more option. A camera with all-terrain WiFi for those who conventional compact already know little.

2. AKASO V50 Pro


It is another action camera AKASO V50 Pro with WiFi that is difficult to catalog, but no less interesting for that. It is compact but has more DSLR claims with amazing features that make it one of the most attractive cameras at its price. Its 20 megapixels are superb and have great image stabilization with 6-axis Gyroscope.

A very complete camera that also has something that makes it unique in this category: it can record 4K video with very good results and an IPS display of a 2-inch Touch Screen. 

3. AKASO Brave 7

AKASO Brave 7

One of the best options and for many experts, the best-advanced action camera AKASO Brave 7. It is no coincidence that they value it so well. Their results leave their mouths open and make it clear that little bully. Its 20 megapixels are unique in the market.

 Its 6-axis image stabilization(EIS 2.0) & IPX8 waterproof body results that we can obtain to reach a category that elevates it above the rest. Perfect for photography lovers and to have it as a travel companion.

Compact Camera with Wi-Fi

As a general recommendation, the compact ones are perfect for hobbyists who want to have something cheap and fast with greater performance than what their mobile phone can provide. They are inexpensive, fit in a jacket pocket, and have a large number of adjustments.



The HX50 is a good example of how to have connectivity in a modest compact camera. It is the typical one that we always carry with us in our bag or backpack to get photos with a quality that our phone does not achieve. It is not very bulky and its technical specifications are very attractive.

18.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor employing a back-illuminated design to allow four times the light input of a conventional sensor, allowing you to achieve clear photos in any situation, even in low light conditions or at night. It features a compact, high-contrast electronic viewfinder that displays real-time scene information before shooting. A perfect model for those who want an unpretentious camera but are curious about photography.

5. Nikon COOLPIX S7000 camera

Nikon COOLPIX S7000

The Nikon COOLPIX S7000 is ideal for beginning vloggers and features a 20x optical zoom. It also has an enhanced digital zoom, which can double the total zoom capacity.

For effortless vlogging, it has an autofocus feature that finds targets. You can record videos in Full HD while capturing stereo sound. This camera even comes with 18 different scene modes to choose from.



Compact with interchangeable lenses, are becoming more and more common and for some time they have ceased to be exclusive high-end options. The GX80 provides you with all the features you need to capture life on the move. 

The 16 megapixel Live MOS digital sensor allows you to capture more details and produce sharper images, whatever the subject of your shots. It is positioned as an ideal WiFi camera to record our travel videos, by combining the stabilization of the body and lens to achieve a more precise correction of the vibration that is produced by the shaking of the hands.

Mirrorless Camera with Wi-Fi

EVIL or mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses are another very interesting option. They offer the possibility of using different lenses to take incredible close-ups or take dreamy panoramas, but without going to the sizes and prices of professional cameras. They are the ideal option to introduce us to digital photography "from below" but with a certain level, and even some professionals carry it on top of them as reinforcement.

7. SONY ALPHA 6000


One of the most interesting mirrorless cameras from Sony. With a 24.7 megapixel sensor and a minimum aperture of F / 3.5, this model is one of the fastest in its category and is very attractive if we want a somewhat more advanced camera with claims to take more elaborate photos.

As in other Sony cameras, it manages ISO very well and is capable of offering us superb performance in all kinds of lighting conditions. It is one of our favorites and the one that we can get the most out of in the long run if we buy more lenses. This kit, by the way, comes with a 16-50mm lens.



Fujifilm already has a history in the world of EVIL cameras. The X-2 is one of the best in its category and, yes, with wireless connectivity so that transferring photos to your mobile, tablet, or computer is a simple and very comfortable process. If you later want to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, take a look at these tricks. 

This mirrorless can be defined thanks to its 24.3 megapixels mounted on an APS-C sensor without a low-pass filter that boasts the best performance in the history of the X series. It also has a high-speed image processing engine that provides amazing color reproduction and gradation of tones in both photos and videos.



The E-M10 Mark II has a very small footprint and unmistakable style, honoring the classic design of one of its predecessors, the OM-1, which featured a recognizable high-quality metal body.

It has a 17.2-megapixel sensor and 5-axis image stabilization with which you can forget about getting annoying blurry images. This OM-D camera is compatible with a wide range of Micro Four Thirds lenses and includes WiFi capabilities that allow you to unleash your creativity, shoot, or make remote adjustments directly from your smartphone. It also allows you to share your images with your friends instantly and easily from your phone using the OI.Share software.

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