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AKASO V50 Pro Full Review - Should You Get It?


If you love traveling, you can invest in an action camera that will capture all your adventures. AKASO has an impressive collection of high-quality, reasonably-priced action cameras. The V50 Pro happens to be one of their best offerings.

Video Quality

The AKASO V50 Pro will successfully capture all your actions as you go about your day. The 30 frames-per-second feature ensures that you get smooth and clear footage. You can shoot the videos in native 4K quality to retain the depth of the images. The V50 Pro also comes with built-in image stabilization, which will make it easy for you to shoot high-quality videos when you are in motion. You will be able to shoot high-quality slow-motion videos at 120fps that are impactful. As an action camera, the AKASO V50 Pro definitely provides better video quality than image quality.

Performance Underwater

Shooting your underwater adventures can be very rewarding, which is why you need an action camera like the AKASO V50 Pro. Take this camera under the sea with you in its designated underwater housing. You can film the underwater flora and fauna from your submarine without reducing the quality of the video. This camera will work perfectly well for up to 30 meters underneath the water. The V50 Pro has a Red Filter setting so that your videos turn out warm and colorful. When you start recording, you will hear a "beep" as an indication.

Image Stabilization

Capturing the essence of your scenic road trips and winding train rides is what the V50 Pro does exceptionally well. Even though your rides might be bumpy and uncomfortable, the image stabilization feature of the camera ensures that you capture stable and smooth footage. There will be no effect on the quality of the videos- you can use the feature on all the available film resolutions.

Touch Screen

Having a touchscreen on an action camera is essential. The AKASO V50 pro has a 2" LCD IPS touchscreen that is easy to use. The user-friendly interface will make it easy for you to adjust the settings. With a 320 x 240px resolution, the screen is highly responsive to touch. It is important to remember that the touchscreen is not functional when you are underwater.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the AKASO V50 Pro is satisfactory.  The internal mic records all the important sounds, but there is a lack of depth. If you want your videos to have even better sound quality, you can choose to buy an external mic from Akaso. The external mic records sound in mono.


The AKASO V50 Pro comes with important accessories to enhance your experience, such as:

- Waterproof Case: If you are interested in underwater filming, you must have this case to protect your camera.

- Batteries and Charger: Each battery will give you 45 minutes of shooting time when you shoot in 4K quality.

- Remote Control: You can set the camera up and control it from afar if you have a remote control. This is perfect for all those times you want to record yourself hands-free.

- Mounts: AKASO offers a generous variety of mounts so that you can pick one to suit your needs.


The battery life of the AKASO V50 Pro is impressive. There are two 1100mAh lithium polymer batteries that you can charge separately with the help of a USB cable and an adaptor or the custom battery charger dock. If you are filming in 4K, each battery will last for about 90 minutes

V50 Pro vs V50x vs V50 Elite

The AKASO range of action cameras caters to different types of users depending on their preferences. The AKASO V50X is an action camera for beginners who are yet to be comfortable with filming themselves. As you become more competent, you will want more upgraded features and a wider range of settings which is where the AKASO V50 Elite shines. However, the AKASO V50 Pro is the most well-rounded and versatile of the bunch. The learning curve is suitable for beginners and amateurs can take advantage of its various features.


Which is the best SD card for V50 Pro?

You can use 64 GB or 128 GB SD cards from well-renowned brands like Sandisk with the V50 Pro. This action camera does not come with its own SD card but can accommodate a wide variety. 

AKASO V50 vs GoPro Hero 5, which is better?

If you want an efficient action camera on a budget, then you cannot go wrong with the AKASO V50 Pro. It is a great investment for beginners and will give you value for money. The GoPro Hero 5 has brand value but might not be worth the high price tag.

YI 4k+ vs AKASOv50 pro, which is better?

Both the YI 4K+ and the V50 Pro are packed with great features and you can make a choice based on your preferences. The V50 pro does provide a lot of value for your money.

Which is the best app for V50 pro?

AKASO has its own app, AKASO Go, for its action cameras via which you can adjust its controls. You can even use the app for exporting pictures and videos. 


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