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What Cameras Do YouTubers Use and Why?


Vlogging starts with creativity that requires creative freedom, which is offered by a few cameras. A camera easy on hand allows vlogging to be a thrilling exercise. It'll make it a hobby that can rank you at the top on YouTube and Instagram.

There're essential features of a camera that make it an amazing companion for your Youtube vlogging experience. A hassle-free camera for vlogging is that which is easy to use and allows you to shoot footage accurately in real-time.

A flip screen is a design feature that lets you experience video recording in real-time. It gives an idea of what's being recorded and whether you're making the footage according to plan. 

It's a must-have feature for filming your vlog. An articulating flip screen can be rotated in all directions. It's a flexible type of screen. For instance, you can have it on the Canon EOS M50.

Another flip screen can be flipped 180°. It allows you to see yourself during vlogging. You can have it on Sony a6600

Similarly, the front-facing screen is a fixed screen on the front of the camera. A famous model that has it is the GoPro Hero 9, AKASO Brave 7

Another feature to have must on a vlogging cam is Autofocus (AF). It gets your subject to appear sharper by intelligently adjusting the lens to focus. 

In another aspect, it's an amazing component for low light photography where a sharper subject matters. 

Also, an external microphone input is another useful feature. You'll get fine audio during YouTube streaming, where the option of editing is not available.

Furthermore, 4K is not mandatory to have, but it'll add an edge to your recording if you vlogged in the woods.

Timelapse recording is another camera feature to have. It gives you the option for more creativity like slow-motion does.

Likewise, image stabilization (IS) is a know-to-how feature you need to have in your camera. It's mandatory when you're filming a moving subject. Compact action camera with image stabilization is ideal for filming motion. 

Without IS, you'll get a blur and shaky footage to reckon in your YouTube video, and vlogging is about discovering and moving. 

Here are some of the recommended cameras that are used by YouTubers. Cameras discussed below are excellent camcorders with battery timing to last more than 90 minutes on a straight video recording:

1. Canon PowerShot G7X

The Canon Powershot G7X is a vlogging masterpiece used by PewDiePie, who has more than 50m followers on his belt. If he uses it, you can also have it.

The cam offers a wide range of features to make it an amazing camcorder of choice. It's equipped with a 20.1 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor to captures a detailed photo that can be your next personal masterpiece. This will allow you to shoot up to 30 FPS continuously. 

The cam offers 4K video recording at 30MP. You can choose 1080P HD (up to 60 FPS) footage options for better vlogging results. The cam also has an ND filter built-in, which will produce betters results for stills.

Its f/2.8 lens, IS, flip screen at the front makes it a powerful choice for YouTube vlogging. The cam uses a 3.0-inch touch LCD screen that comes with 180° of tilt. 

Also, the camcorder for vlogging comes with Wi-Fi and NFC. These are the premium connectivity options you get in the deal to enjoy.

It has a powerful AutoFocus with 31 points that will take a large area into focus. The ISO range is also wide. At 800 ISO, you can achieve better results in low-light conditions during vlogging using the PowerShot G7 X Mark III. Above all, it has a lightweight of 304g, and it's cheap to get.

2. Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is a successor to the discontinued and popular camera, the Canon 70D. 

Chris Winter, a YouTuber, recommends it to anyone who's interested in vlogging because the cam is cheap to buy. It can give a good start to anyone.

The Canon EOS 80D comes with powerful Autofocus capabilities. It has a 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor to achieve it, coupled with the Dual Pixel AF the cam focuses on the subject others don't.

The cam has a touch screen rotatable up to 175° horizontally and 270° vertically in addition to AF. You'll be able to vlog in a selfie mode with it, for instance. It provides freedom and value. Also, you get a touch screen that is intuitive and can be navigated in daylight easily.

The cam offers 1080P at 60 FPS. Neistat also used it in one of his vlogging videos. The camcorder has increased the ISO range, expandable to 25,600. It's made for low-light vlogging. 

Using its high dynamic range, you'll be able to shoot two different movie frames side by side, which will be combined by its smart sensor in single footage for playback.

Additionally, it has a Wi-Fi feature to stream on and a built-in NFC to share files. It saves time and energy. Likewise, the cam comes with the Canon Camera Connect app that offers a wireless interface for users to go streaming. 

3. Sony RX100 Mark IV

The benefit Sony's RX100 Mark IV offers doesn't stop with its 1'-type sensor and fast zoom lens or its smaller size. It's equipped with a powerful BSI CMOS sensor, which makes it ahead of major cameras in vlogging.

Marques Brownlee, a YouTuber, called it the best pocket camera ever made. It comes with a 20.1 MP CMOS sensor, a fast lens with f/1.8-2.8 aperture, and 4K video recording options. You can launch its Wi-Fi to stream your footage made with its ultra HD recording. 

Likewise, it has an excellent AF that will make sure the scenes are assessed quickly.  The cam is also equipped with Auto ISO control, so you get a plus benefit in low light vlogging. 

Furthermore, the cam offers faster continuous shooting, and it comes with Dual Record. Its sensor is designed to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. This allows further improvement in stills and footage quality coupled with its advanced IS.

The cam has a flip screen of a 3-inch LCD with 1.3m dots. It's rich and intuitive, perfect for outdoor vlogging. 

You also get slow-motion video recording up to 1000 fps. Plus, the camcorder is cheap. In other words, it's made for you.

4. Sony A5100

The Sony A5100 uses the same sensor a high-priced DSLR uses. Its superior f/3.5-5.6 lens comes with an amazing aperture to benefit you in vlogging during low light conditions. 

Arron Prescott, a YouTuber, believes that it'll stand out for anyone interested in vlogging.  

The cam doesn't offer 4K, but you get a remarkable 1080P at 60 FPS. You can shoot 50mpbs easily. 

Likewise, the ISO settings range is moderate, and it also offers an auto-ISO function, which will allow a smooth transition from light to dark scenes, which happens a lot during vlogging.

Though it lacks an external microphone and 4K video recording option, the Sony Alpha 5100 is well equipped with other features that compensate it:

Another advantage you'll receive is the XAVC S video codec. You don't need to use codecs like MP4 anymore. It'll a greater upgrade in your vlogging diaries. However, you'll need an SDXC memory card to use for it.

Another disadvantage you should be cautious about is its battery timing. However, you get a quick USD charging option to deploy whenever it's about to deplete. Fear not with the Sony Alpha 5100 mirrorless camera.

You also get AutoFocus with it. By using this camcorder, you'll benefit from its shutter priority that automatically sets the best shutter speed based on the scene. You also get Wi-Fi and a dual recording mode to have both, XAVC S video and MP4 version.

Similarly, the cam offers Program Auto, which allows automatic adjusting of aperture and the shutter speed. All you've to is to touch on its 3-inch flip screen and vlog your way with this compact and cheap-priced APS-C camera that is made for you.


If you're looking for an amazing camera with a combination of specs and features, then take a look at the Canon Powershot G7X. It comes with AutoFocus, a 3.0-inch screen that tilt, a powerful sensor, and an image processor. It can shoot 1080P at 60P instantly. 

You can also consider the Canon EOS 80D, which is a successor to the famous Canon 70D. It comes with a superior 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor. It has a flexible touchscreen like the Powershot G7x but flexible to be comfortable with. 

The Sony RX100 Mark IV is another recommended cam on the list. It offers 4K that is not offered by the latter. On the other hand, the Sony A5100 is for anyone who aspires to become a Youtube vlogger. It's simple, cheap, and powerful for any beginner to use.

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