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Skiing Checklist: What Do You Need for Skiing?
2020-11-06 13:55:05

Going for a ski trip is all but a difficult task. It's even harder if it's your first ski trip. If you one of those asking, "what do I need to go skiing for the first time?" Well, you have to worry about every bit of gear to make sure you don't forget anything and risk ruining the trip. 

So, what do you need for skiing? First, you must be comfortable when skiing, but this is not something you can achieve without getting adequate gear. And if you forget something, you have to buy it at the overpriced ski gear sales stores or ruin your whole trip. 

So, to help you out, I've drawn up a list of ski essentials for beginners. This ski gear list will help keep you comfortable and safe in your skiing.

Skiing Equipment

Ski Equipment

Here is the equipment for skiing, but for first-time skiers, it is recommendable to rent the equipment from the resort, which is cheaper and more convenient.   And if you are backcountry skiing, some extra gears are needed to keep you safe: transceiver, probe, and shovel.

1. Skis/Snowboard 

2. Ski boots

3. Ski bag

4. Helmet 

5. Ski poles (provide stability and better support for the starters)

6. Transceiver (send your location if something bad like an avalanche happens)

7. Probe(confirm the location of the victim and the depth of the burial)

8. Shovel

9. Others: sun cream, lip block, first-aid kit...

SKi Clothing

What to wear is important on the slope. Only when you are warm and comfortable can you fully enjoy skiing. 

Two basic rules for ski clothing are: dress in layers; go for something water and wind-resistant. 

Tip for the slope newbies

You can always rent your jacket, pants, gloves, and goggles if you are not ready to commit and invest. There are online rental services that let you book the gear online and deliver your order directly to your resort. Or you can rent the clothing from the ski resort's store.

1. Ski Jackets 

The first ski gear for beginners you need is your ski jacket. These jackets are two-layered, high-performance shells for optimum warmth and wind protection. 

Also, they're usually waterproof, keeping you dry and preserving your body heat. 

With this coat on, you have absolutely nothing to worry about the cold as long you wear the ski-layers.

Ski Jacket

2. Ski Goggles 

Do you need goggles to ski? Of course, you do! Snow goggles are interchangeable, anti-fog eye protection. They can match lightning conditions. They fit so great that you might not feel like you have something on. 

Whether you're a beginner or only a casual skier, you would want to go for more affordable ski goggles. Give the OTG Google's a try. 

Tip: You will also need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun reflecting off the snow when you are off the slope.

Ski Goggle

3. Pairs of Ski Pants 

Ski pants are a combination of style and protective. They keep your legs warm in extremely cold weather, and their colors match several fleece tops. 

When packing for a trip, it might be tempting to pack more pants than needed. Resist this urge however you can, as two ski pants are more than sufficient.

Ski Pants

4. Pair of Ski Gloves

Jackets cover your arms, and gloves cover your hands. These ski gloves should be waterproof and flexible and completely protect your fingers from the pelting cold.

It also keeps your fingers close together, therefore maximizing your body heat. The linen is so effective that you can free tap your touchscreen when you take off the gloves.

Ski Gloves

5. Fleeces 

Fleeces greatly ease up the packing process due to their versatility. You have the option of lettering then as jackets on warmer ski days or wearing them over a base layer for the really cold days.

After a day of skiing, relax by the fireplace rocking your fleece with some yoga pants, or pair your women's ski wear with your nicer leggings for a more casual look.

These items are multifunctional, so you may only need 2-3 for a trip. You can pick out one for skiing and the extra one for après ski.

6. Pairs of Ski Socks 

It might not sound like much, but trust me, you don't want to ski with uncomfortable feet. Ski socks are made from soft Merino wool. They cover your feet and keep your toes super warm and sweatless.

You don't have to pack feet warmers when you've got the right sucks. Bring along 2-4 pairs, depending on your planned ski days. 

Ski Socks

7. Winter Hat

Winter hats are needed to protect your head from the cold. Winter hats are a great option if you like your hair down or just don't want to log on a helmet through the entire trip. 

Winter Hat

8. Hydration Pack

Clothing is not the only essentials for a ski trip. You also need to stay hydrated, thus, you need a Hydration Pack. Although compact, they can hold up to 1.5 liters of liquid. 

You can also store your keys, money, or other small items on them. You can replace the hydration chamber whenever you want, but the main pack lasts a lifeline. You can get it at any ski wear outlet.

Hydration Pack

9. Pairs of Ski Boots

Ski boots relieve your suitcase of extra weight because you could wear them wherever you go, whether on the slopes or in the lounges. 

These snow boots can keep your feet warm and dry. They also have time traction to snow. Winter boots are a perfect match with leggings or skinny jeans after a long day skiing.

Ski Boots

10. Thermal tops/ Base layers 

The final essential on the list is Base Layers. Efficient base layers are essential to keep you warm. Some might even argue that women's base layers should be the first thing to pack.  

Gear up with Omni-Heat tops and bottoms or soft Merino wool icebreakers. They offer adequate warmth and optimum comfort. You can roll them up and squeeze into a small space in your bag.

Base Layers


Skiing is such a worthwhile and fulfilling adventure but can quickly be turned into a bummer if you're not adequately prepared. Now with the list above, you will enjoy the skiing activity. 

So, get packing right away, and have yourself a winter blast. 

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