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What Is a GoPro And Is a GoPro Worth It?


When it comes to action cameras, one name comes to mind every time, GoPro. This brand offers the best action cameras and has never failed to keep up with the latest technological innovation. This is one of the reasons GoPro has continued to be the best brand of great action cameras.

Over the years, many keep wondering how they have managed to be in the spotlight. And that's not all, as there are so many questions as to what is a GoPro and Is a GoPro worth it? 

You want this information, right? Read on, as we reveal to you the secrets that have made GoPro standout and other things to know about this brand. 

What is a GoPro Camera? 

Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro, designed the device as an elegant way of capturing his surfing moments. Fifteen years after catching his first moments on photos and videos, the camera serves other purposes for different people. Sports enthusiasts, adventurers, and indeed everybody who can hold a camera preserves capture every moment using the GoPro camera.

The device is a sleek and compact camera that gives you good quality photos and videos. It's also waterproof and durable due to its sturdy construction and design.

Additionally, the GoPro features an ultra-wide-angle lens, an image sensor as well as a processor. It also has three microphones inside the small cuboid for enhanced voicing during recording. Older models have buttons for easy control, while some offer touchscreen and voice control.

What is Special about GoPro? 

GoPro camera has impressive features and qualities that make them stand out among the market's best brands. Let's discuss a few of them.

Impressive Image Features

The lens of the camera is a major determining factor for the GoPro photo prowess. It doesn't use a standard lens but a wide lens like other action cameras. 

So, you can frame anything you capture with much ease. All you need to do is mount it on a helmet or handlebars perfectly and grab every corner around you.

Multiple Mounting Options 

One exciting thing about the GoPro action cameras is that they offer mounting equipment and other essential accessories that allow you to take a shot or video anywhere. The mounting accessories include helmet mount, bike mount, aerial mounts, suction cups, and many more.

Hence, you can attach it to drones for an aerial view or mountain bikes when riding through rough terrain. Aside from the mounting equipment, GoPro also offers waterproof casing in case you want to engage in water sports activities such as surfing and swimming. 

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Best GoPro Models 

1. GoPro Hero9 Black

The GoPro Hero9 Black is the latest and best among GoPro models. However, it also the priciest. It has a front-facing color LED screen that enables you to capture yourself during selfies and vlogging. (AKASO Brave 7: Cheaper GoPro Alternative with Front Facing Screen for Selfies)

The resolution is a pacesetter, capturing with 20-megapixel quality and 5k shooting capability for videos. The filming is also smooth thanks to its Hypersmooth3.0 stabilization feature. It comes with a removable lens cover and a Max lens accessory for super-view mode.

Additionally, Hero9 Black has some of the most advanced camera features in the industry. They include a Max-style 360o horizon lock as well as Ultrawide 155o view mode.

2. GoPro Hero8 Black 

Although it's no longer the latest, HERO8 remains one of the best action cameras on the market. Unlike the HERO9, you can't do 5k videoing with these cameras, and it also pales in its image stabilization feature. Notwithstanding, it has a similar mounting capacity as the HERO9.

Many accessories are also compatible with this model, like the Mods, which enhance filming and photos. The media Mod helps increase your videos' value while the display Mod provides a different screen for vloggers. LED Mods improve lighting, giving you a crisp and smooth video.

Apart from the front-facing screen and 5k video capacity, the Hero8 is almost par with the Hero9.

3. GoPro Max 

This beast of a camera redefines categories and blends genres with apt efficacy. The device is also an excellent upgrade on the GoPro 360-degree camera and the fusion.

Moreover, the concept of all-round videoing grows to another level on this model. It offers a lesser resolution than the Hero8 but films in all directions with 5.6k quality.

4. GoPro Hero7 Black 

This GoPro model was the first to get the Hypersmooth stabilization feature. And even though it's not the top model of this brand, it still gives you a crisp photo and top-quality video.

Hero 7 also has the TimeWarp feature that helps you create a Timelapse when moving. It also increases the speed by 30x, so you produce a short, sharp, and smooth TimeLapse video.

5. GoPro HERO5 Black 

Go for the HERO5 Black if you want an excellent 4k video, voice control, and waterproof design. It's easy to use and guarantees excellent performance during a shoot.

You can also post your photos and videos to the internet, thanks to the Quikstories feature. The Hero5 remains one of the excellent GoPro models that puts you in good stead to share your experience.

6. GoPro Fusion

The GoPro Fusion features two wide-angle lenses faced in opposite directions. Thus, it can take shots and videos at every possible angle within a 360-degree radius.

A flagship from its inception, the GoPro Fusion, is among the first action cameras of the brand that offers users great capturing functionality. You may decide to shoot in 5.2k 30fps or 3k 60fps and take photos with the 18MP still shot.

What Can GoPro Do? 

Your answer lies in the quality of photos and videos that you so crave. Once you know the caliber of shot and film you desire, all you need do is to mount a GoPro and start. Press the shutter or record button and create memories. If you don't know what is a GoPro camera used for, here are a few things that this camera does.

Allows Users to Capture Unique Photos 

It guarantees a sharp photo even though this is not a reason for getting the GoPro video camcorder. It gets up a close snapshot using the exceedingly wide lens for an all-around view.

Shoot Amazing 4k Videos 

The quality of the video is better with the recent models. Thus, the silver and Black editions have an improved frame rate option than Max and fusion.

High-resolution video is becoming the norm in the action camera scene. And 4k quality ensures a premium sharpness in all your filming.


You can connect the GoPro to your smart devices using its WIFI feature. Hence, you can view your video shootings on your computer or smartphones anytime. You can also monitor the camera's activities from these devices, using them as a remote control.

Should I Get a GoPro? 

The action camera is fun to have around, and you can also get a GoPro if you are on a budget as they offer models that are quite affordable.

However, the least GoPro would cost you around $130, but the recent models go for $300-$500. Various models suit different purposes, so you should know why you're getting it.

GoPro, like the HERO5, would be perfect for high-resolution videos and action pictures. It has 60fps for photos and 1080p for videos. The prices are sometimes higher in e-commerce stores, but you could get them a bit lower in local stores.

Hence, the answer to the question, "should I buy a GoPro?" all depends on your level of photography experience and purpose. However, GoPro is easy to use by both beginners and professionals.


Q: Is GoPro better than DSLR? 

A: If you're not an expert, you should get the GoPro as it is more enhanced and user friendly. But for a better-quality video with ample experience, a DSLR may be a better choice. 

Nonetheless, your choice should depend on your purpose, expertise, and budget. If you don't have any experience, go for a GoPro.

Q: iPhone or GoPro? 

The GoPro is better when it comes to image quality, and it feels sturdier in the hands. But the iPhone is more comfortable to access as it has many impressive but distracting features.

When you consider other things apart from videoing and photos, like GPS tracking, then iPhone comes atop. But for just shooting and capturing, the GoPro is the go-to device.

Q: Is GoPro Good for Photography? 

It's suitable for photography as this is one of the primary reasons for its invention. It's perfect for wide-angle capturing in tight areas and landscapes but lacking in close photos.

Final Word 

Being the front runner in the field of action cameras, GoPro models offer many benefits to users. If you are looking for answers to the question, what is a GoPro camera, and is a GoPro worth It? the information provided above does justice to your curiosity


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