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Best POV Camera to Shot from Creative Angles
Best POV Camera to Shot from Creative Angles
Updated: 03/02/2021
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Shooting in POV gives the audience a unique view into a character's world. Various genres of movies like thrillers use the technique to create great visual effects. Having the right camera can help you take POV shots like a pro and woo your viewers. So, here are the top 5 POV cameras to consider for your wishlist. 

We will begin by sharing a few words on POV.

What is POV?

POV is short for point of view. Taking POV is like writing in the first person. It lets you see the world through the eyes of your character. Most videos vloggers make are in POV. They have their cameras facing the frame, and you feel like watching through your own eyes. 

Creative angles can make POV a great technique to capture everyday objects in an innovative manner. For example, you can make your viewers feel they are lying down and looking at the sky by shooting in POV. It adds a new dimension to photography, and is a popular skill today. 

POV Video

It's not only a trend that's popular among photographers. You will find many such examples in movies and videos to derive inspiration.

Now, let's take a look at the best POV cameras we have for you.

5 Best POV Cameras

When buying a POV camera, stick to the basics - but look at all the features on offer. Here are some of our top choices. 

1. AKASO Brave 7 LE

Brave 7 LE POV Camera

Brave 7 LE is a chic and portable 4K camera for shooting wonderful POV shots. The camera is fully water-resistant and withstands splashes and spills. It comes with dual screens- one on the back and one at the front. The rear screen acts as your viewfinder, while the screen in the front helps you shoot yourself. 

The image stabilization works really well and captures sharp images. You have a 6-axis image stabilization to create wonderful results. The camera comes with a handy remote to shoot independently. 

Brave 7 LE shoots 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. You can capture images with a resolution of 20MP. The camera is ideal for action shots and sturdy enough to withstand regular use. 

Plus, you have an HDMI port to hook up big screens.

2. AKASO Keychain

AKASO Keychain POV Camera

This Keychain camera in your hands is no ordinary keychain. It's a tiny but powerful 4K camera to help you take POV videos. You can buy several accessories to make the camera a part of your body. 

A magnetic clip lets you attach the Keychain to your shirt easily. You can also clip it on a band around your head to get headshot POVs. The device can shoot 60-minutes of video and capture images at 20MP.

AKASO Keychain packs several features like the ability to shoot time-lapses and slow motion. You also get a 120-degree wide field of vision for amazing frames. It's a totally hands-free camera suitable for a range of bloggers.

The Keychain camera is also waterproof and comes with image stabilization.

3. Sony FDR-X3000 POV Action

Sony POV Camera

FDR-X3000 is among the best POV and action cameras. Sony has built the device to capture POVs like a champ. You can hook it up on your bag, bikes, and hands to shoot vlogs at 4K. Best of all, Sony has designed the camera to eliminate shakes for clear shots.

The camera sports endless features, like a superior CMOS sensor to shoot in low light. It also has a fast image processor for shooting high-speed actions. You can also shoot wonderful landscapes with an adjustable field of view.

A cool remote with a display comes with the FDR-X3000 to free your hands. The remote also has the same interface as the camera to feel like a natural add-on. A friendly UI makes both a charm to operate.

4. Drift Stealth 2

Drift Stealth 2 POV Camera

Stealth 2 is a neat and lightweight action camera for your POV shots. You can shoot at 1080p 30fps for 3 hours without any interruptions. Drift says its camera is 40% lighter and never weighs you down. You can clip it on or attach the camera to your helmet to capture unique POV angles.

Stealth 2 sports a rotating lens that lets you adjust the horizontal alignment of your frames. It features a color-coded display and a powerful 1500mAh battery. You also have a 137-degree lens for wide-angle shots. 

Drift provides a range of clips and mounts with the camera free of cost. You can just open your box and start shooting without delays. It also has a quick guide to get familiar with the device.

5. Marshall CV505-M Mini-Broadcast POV Camera

Marshall CV505-M POV Camera

Marshall CV505-M is a professional POV camera. It suits a range of applications, from capturing sports action to recording interviews and sermons. It's highly durable and comes with a microphone input to capture audio.

CV505-M can shoot videos at 1080p 60fps. The 2.5MP 1/3-inch sensor creates crisp and clear videos with minimum noise or distortions. You also have an interchangeable lens in case you need to switch it for better ones.

Best of all, CV505-M is broadcast-ready with BNC cable support. You also get an HDMI to connect big screens. Plus, a power adapter ensures you never stop recording. 

CV505-M uses a next-generation chipset and advanced design to shoot great videos. You can also expect good results in low light conditions. 

You can surely give CV505-M a try if you don't need much moving around.

Final Thoughts

Shooting POV is a great way to spice up your vlogs or videos. Pick a POV camera from our recommendations to start shooting right now. Let us know what your pick is and what you think about your camera in the comments. We would like to know your thoughts.

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