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Which is the Best Action Camera in Budget?
2020-09-09 16:05:38

If you are on a hunting quest for the best value action camera that won't set you back some serious cash, then our expert's pick of the best budget action cameras is exactly what you should pay attention to. They are the best affordable action camera you can find with a budget of $200, $100 or even $50. 

As you would expect, these inexpensive cameras do not have feature-rich functionalities found in the top best action cameras in the market. Nevertheless, budget cameras' trickle-down technology implies that these cameras are tough enough to capture your memorable events. Whether these events occur in the snow, the trail, or in a vacation, you are sure to get state of the art 4k video with these affordable action camera. 

What Can A Budget Action Camera Offer? 

Although a budget action camera can be as cheap as 100 or even 50 dollars, it doesn't mean that the camera is a piece of garbage, quite the opposite, these cheap action cameras come with all the basic features that you can find in their premium counterparts, including:

- 4K video recording, plus 1080p at 60fps;

- Image stabilization 

- Waterproof

- Raw footage view option

- Mountable accessories

- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth support

So why are these action cams so cheap? First of all, they are not from a big brand like GoPro so you don't have to pay for the name. Secondly, low-budget action cameras avoid top quality materials and cut the business cost, so the products have a lower price tag. Therefore, you can't expect professional-level image quality from these cheap action cameras, but they are good enough to take a clear and crisp shot of everything during a trip, bike riding, scuba diving and much more. 

1. AKASO V50 X ($99.99) - Best budget action camera 2019 

Budget: Under $100

First released on 2019, this AKASO action camera can shoot 4k video at 30fps, and it goes to the top billing for a camera that costs less than $100.

Best Budget Action Camera 2019


- Video quality: 4k30, 2.7K30, 2K60

- Battery life: 60 minutes

- Water-resistant: 40m with case

2. YI 4K Action Camera ($160) - Best budget 4K action camera

Budget: Under $200

This is one of the best budget action cameras for capturing high footage, although you don't get much from the box with the YI 4K action budget camera. However, the camera shoots in 4k at 30fps, thanks to an excellent LCE 7 layer all-glass lens and Sony Exmore –RIMX377 sensor.

Best Budget 4K Action Camera


- Quality footage

- Video quality 4k30

- Battery life: 2 hours

- Water-resistant: 40m with case

3. AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K ($69.99) - Best budget action camera 2018 

Budget: Under $100

Available since 2018, this is the perfect choice of budget action camera for capturing water-based adventures. This camera can deliver excellent footage at 4K/25FPS. The camera also has a 16-megapixel sensor if you enjoy still footage.

Best Budget Action Camera 2018


- Video quality: 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps and 1080p/60fps

- Battery Life: 90 minutes

- Water-resistant: 40m with case

4. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera ($39.99 ) - Best budget action camera under $50

Budget: Under $50

Dragon Touch is probably the cheapest 4K action camera you can find in the market. It offers 4K shooting at up to 30fps, which is perfect for record action shots. And it comes with a wrist Wi-Fi control, which enable you to control the camera from a long distance. 

Best Budget Action Camera Under 50


- Video quality: 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS 

- Battery Life: 90 minutes

- Water-resistant: 98 feet/30 meters with case

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5. GoPro Hero 7 White ($199.99) - Best budget action camera with image stabilization 

Budget: Under $200

Hero 7 White is probably the best budget GoPro camera you can find. Comparing to GoPro Hero 7 Black, the white version is a lite version, lacking of fancy functions like GPS performance, TimeWarp video, live streaming. 

Best Budget GoPro Camera


- Video quality: 1080p60/10MP photos

- Battery Life: 60 minutes

- Water-resistant: Down to 33ft (10m)

Reasons for cheap action camera purchase

There are many reasons why a person would go for a cheaper camera over a high-end camera; some reasons are:

- They would rather have smaller video files

- A cheaper camera has less demand for storage and memory card

- Infrequent or occasional usage

- Photos are easier and quicker to edit  and adjust compared to 4k footage

- Less requirement for processor and memory during editing

- Has all the features you need to create a ready-made YouTube footage

- Works also in low-light mode with the right lens configuration

- Waterproof models are suitable for water parks and water sports.

- There are several accessories to choose from, belts, supports, and stands to waterproof housing.

- May catch stills with various shooting modes as well.

- Various capture and resolution modes to choose from

- And last but not least, it cost less than half compared to premium action cameras.

In conclusion, a budget action camera has to be what it is – Cheap! However, this does not imply that you have to settle for a lesser quality. Rather you should be on the lookout for the exact features you want when you want to make your purchase.

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