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Are Action Camera Accessories Important?


Action cameras are used to shoot videos and take photos just like regular cameras. Yet, action cameras come with multiple accessories that users attach to their handlebars, helmets, or anywhere possible when they go underwater. These accessories make their shots come to life. 


Your audience will thus, be able to see what you saw while skiing, zip-lining, surfing, or driving as though they were there with you.


Such cameras continue to help travel bloggers across the globe document their experiences authentically. 


The AKASO Brave series, including AKASO Brave 7 and AKASO Brave 8, are good examples of excellent action cameras. 


Why Do Action Camera Accessories Matter?


Do you enjoy immersing yourself in outdoor activities such as cycling and diving? Action cameras are intended for such people. Vloggers also find them useful in recording their adventures.


These cameras come with different accessories. Each of these accessories is designed to help the user capture the best action footage. They make filming a lot easier and more enjoyable.


Using the available action camera accessories will help you capture inspiring shots. They will enhance your work and take it to a whole new level. 


Common Action Camera Accessories:


As an action camera owner, there are several accessories you ought to have. The most common are:


1. Battery Charger with a Spare Battery


It is one of the most important action camera accessories that you must have. Your action camera will be useless without power.


Do you want your shooting time to remain uninterrupted? Then carry a battery charger and a spare battery as well. 


This way, you can charge your first battery while using the spare battery and vice versa. A dual battery charger is even better if you intend to take a long trip and video record for many hours.


2. Big MicroSD Card Storage


Even though a specific activity may not require this accessory, it is always important. It is available in different sizes. The bigger the memory card is, the better. 


A 256GB memory card would store 8 hours recording time of 4K videos recorded at 30fps. You will get 4 hours with a 128GB memory card, 2 hours with a 64GB, and 1 hour with a 32GB memory card. 


While choosing the micro SD, make sure its write speed is fast. The fast speed will enhance your action camera's performance. 


3. Head Strap and Chest Strap


Sometimes your operation will have to be hands-free. If you want to engage in activities that demand using your two hands, these accessories will help you. 


Such activities are mountaineering, skiing, rowing, or climbing. You can buy these accessories separately or find them in the accessories kit.


You will be able to continue with your adventurous activity with your action camera out of your way.


4. Handle Bar Mount


It is another action camera accessory that will help you free your hands. However, this accessory is specifically meant for mountain bikes and bicycles in general. 


One can use it to mount the action camera on the pole with a 9-35mm diameter. You can choose a larger tube mount to fix your camera on a larger frame.


Alternatively, go for the jaw clamp mount. This mount is suitable for a diameter of 6-55mm. It is good for slim objects or those with irregular shapes. 


5. Helmet Mount


This accessory is a must-have whenever you want to go biking or take part in motorsports. These activities require a helmet for safety reasons.


The helmet mount offers you a unique recording angle. This angle is more elevated, but the point of view remains in the first person.


Besides, the helmet mount comes in various versions. The version depends on the user's preferred mounting location and helmet type.


6. Waterproof Case


The waterproof case is another important action camera accessory. It is best suited for underwater activities like diving. It also protects the camera since its housing covers the whole unit, including the lens.


Thus, it will protect your camera against dirt and debris on land and above water.


The AKASO Brave series action cameras are waterproof up to 10m (33ft) on their own. They are also waterproof up to 40m (131ft) with the waterproof case. 


7. Floaty Camera Case and Hand Grip


These accessories are suitable for both on water and in water sports activities. They give the action camera user peace of mind if they go overboard or lose their grip. 


These accessories keep the action camera afloat. It is usually bright orange, making it easy to spot it in the water. 


This case, even when puffy, gives the user access to buttons, the screen, and the mount. Whether you are surfing or snorkeling, you remain at peace. 


Moreover, you are never worried about losing precious shots or the camera to the sea.


8. Selfie Stick and Tripod


These accessories are okay to use both in water activities or on land. There are many options since tripods are several. 


Selfie sticks are extendable, and extension poles are long (up to 97 cm). Your outdoor adventures will be better if you combine flexible grip poles with a tripod.


9. Magnetic Swivel Clip and Suction Cup


These accessories work best in motorized vehicles, boats, and planes. One can use the suction pad on the window or windscreen.


Besides, you can also use its magnetic attachment on any metal parts or dashboard. The action camera can be thrown around when the magnet or suction cup gives way. It is especially during rigorous activities or in wild motion. 


Our Camera Comes with Accessories Portfolio


Did you know that the AKASO Brave series action cameras come with an accessories portfolio? These accessories include multifunctional mounting kits, waterproof housing, remote, and two rechargeable batteries. 


These accessories are free and meant to enhance your experience on a friendly budget. Try these action cameras and get a unique filming experience as you have never had!


Final Thoughts!


The importance of action camera accessories is undoubtedly valuable. These accessories are several and serve different functions in different situations. 


If you are an action camera owner and don't have these accessories, give them a try. You will get better quality shots and a better filming experience. Besides, you will find these accessories so excellent that you might wonder why you did not get them earlier. 


Get to know all the possible action camera accessories. Understand how you can use them to take better inspiring shots with your camera. 


Moreover, make sure to use each accessory according to its purpose. It will help you realize the full potential of your action camera.


You can also try the AKASO accessories kit that you can buy for your action camera. Buying these accessories as a kit is a cheaper way of getting these accessories together. 


It is like wholesale buying, which enables you to save some money.

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