How to Choose an Action Camera for Camping (Section Ⅰ)


You're going camping! A timeout to reconnect with nature and your natural environments. You will most likely feature a couple of exciting moments and adventures. Not to mention that camping adventures seem to have one of the most groundbreaking moments when you least expect it. If you want to get the most out of your camping experience, you might want to plan an item that lets you capture the moment.

While there might be many options in your mind, permit us to recommend the best choice for your camping trip, an action camera. Since you already have a phone with a reasonably good camera, you might be wondering why you would need a camera to take along on your camping trip to capture beautiful moments. There are many reasons why you need to take an action camera on a camping trip and how it beats using your phone on the trip.

In the rest of this post, we will be looking into using an action camera vs. using your phone on a camping trip. We would also let you know what makes an action trip a better option for a camping trip. To sum it all up, there are a few excellent action camera suggestions, their specifications, and what makes them so much a great choice.

Action Cameras: What Are They, Even?

These cameras are simply made for outdoor activities. Their build and functions generally help polish those moments you would rather have under the sky. Action cameras are typically small, durable, and rather portable, hence, do not be too shocked about how tiny they often seem. These cameras are especially good for action videos and picture taking.

Action Camera VS. Phone For a Camping Trip

Recently, phone companies are developing new ways to make phones a unanimous tool that we all can't do without on a camping trip. It means compiling multiple features of different electronic devices into one compact device. One of these features is excellent camera quality to capture images and record videos clearly from far and near. However, when it comes to the experience of a camping trip, there are so many ways that a phone does not compare.

Why You Need to Get an Action Camera for Your Camping Trip?

Aesthetic Value

Here is one of the ways a phone doesn't compare to an action camera on a camping trip. It's like going on a journey without a camping bag but instead opting for any random bag because all your stuff fits in properly. A camping bag and getting all packed up contribute to the fulfilling feeling and excitement of going on a camping trip. It plays a vital role in building up your energy to ensure enough excitement to have a whole experience during the journey. The same applies to an action camera. So if not for anything else, because it contributes to the process that builds up a swell time for you, you definitely should get one.


Phones Are Not Built For The Outdoor Life

While you might have planned a couple of backup energy sources, using your phone as a camera is not exactly the most efficient use of the device. It's best to have one device for communications and stuff and the other for taking pictures and videos. On some camping trips, your camera device would be in use for hours. There are cases where people have tried to record the sunrise and sunsets on their camping trip or the growth process of a plant. Your phone is not well built for these activities, and you will only wear it out. On the other hand, an action camera is well made for the great outdoors.


Use Your Phone Less When Camping

Going camping is firstly about connecting with the great outdoors and next about connecting with the people who came along with you on the camping trip, if any. The last thing you want to do is to have a constant need to keep reaching for your phone. Because the phone already has many features that can distract you from reality and keep you glued to the digital world, you want to use it as less as possible, especially on a camping trip. A great way to cut down on the phone screen time is to avoid using it for as long as possible. It would mean substituting it with something else. A great choice would be an action camera.

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