Preparation and items before cycling (Section Ⅰ)


Cycling is considered an excellent form of endurance training that is easy on the joints and strengthens the whole body. The load intensity can be dosed very well, from short tours on the level with the family to demanding mountain stages and off-road driving, everything is possible.

Cycling to work is also almost always pure joy. A highlight of nature. The changing of the seasons is especially beautiful. Driving off in the early morning after dark and enjoying the sun slowly rising next to you. So it makes sense to capture this in pictures as well. An action cam seems perfect for such purposes.

An action cam is a small digital camera that can record videos or still images. It is one of the successors of the rather unwieldy video cameras that have been around for more than 30 years. At the same time, it is much more resilient than the video cameras of the past. An action cam is characterized by its resilience. It can withstand bumps, falls, or even unfavorable weather conditions. Ideally, it is installed in weatherproof and waterproof housing. Even dust cannot harm it, which makes it the ideal companion for adventurers or action lovers - hence the name. If action cams had existed more than 50 years ago, they probably would have been there when the moon landed. An action camera for cycling?


The AKASO V50 Elite

The AKASO V50 Elite comes in attractive packaging. Inside are two smaller boxes. One contains the camera and the other contains tons of accessories. The camera itself looks appealing and of high quality.

The mass of supplied accessories is exciting:

· A waterproof case.

· Two batteries with charger in which both batteries can be charged in parallel.

· Various brackets and connectors for mounting on the handlebars, helmet, or other things.

· A remote condition for the wrist. This allows remote triggering.

· Cleaning cloth and various fastening materials.

So everything you could wish for in an action camera for cycling is included.

What is missing is a power adapter for charging. With the USB cable, however, the charger can be connected and charged accordingly.


What to look for when buying an action cam?

You first need the right action cam to capture the next cycling adventure properly in picture and sound. But what should you look out for when buying and which properties are actually important?

As you make your purchase, you will likely see a variety of terms, including the following:

· the camera resolution, i.e. the resolution of the videos or images in pixels

· any existing image stabilization as protection against shaky images and videos

· the so-called refresh rate, i.e. the number of pictures taken per second

· the exposure, i.e. the amount of light or lighting required for the recording

· the color accuracy or color fidelity of the images and videos

· the image sharpness and the details or image details contained in the recordings as a result

· a wide-angle lens included with some cameras to capture as much of the image as possible

· the operation of the action cam and its simplicity

· of course the equipment or number of functions and features

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