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Cheap Underwater Camera Top 5: Low-cost & Good-quality


By choosing a good underwater camera, capturing and photographing marine life can become memorable. A sturdy, reliable, and waterproof camera allows you to explore the underwater and ideally shoot photos and videos.   

Your waterproof mobile phone can only do so much and may not give you the expected content you need. Thus, you must consider investing in a good underwater camera.  

You can take an underwater camera along with you for a swim, on an adventurous river rafting, or while scuba diving deep into the sea. These devices help in capturing and sharing your underwater experiences while also creating innovative videos.   

However, there is no denying that underwater cameras can cost a lot. The prices of these cameras can be more than what you might have anticipated.  

But there are several cheap underwater cameras available that perform all the work for you and fit your budget. So, how do you choose an inexpensive underwater camera from so many choices?  

To ease your worries, we have curated a list of the top cheap underwater cameras of excellent quality.  

Before we jump into it, let us understand the two popular waterproof cameras: Action cameras and Waterproof compact cameras.  

- Action cameras are like GoPros, and much is smaller than waterproof compacts. These light cameras have better video specs and higher frame rates.  

- A waterproof compact camera resembles an ordinary compact camera. These are brighter in color as compared to action cameras. The main feature of such cameras is that they have an optical zoom lens, making your subjects appear closer.  

Thus, we have divided our sections into the two popular types of underwater cameras. You can quickly sort through the products and pick one that fits your preference.   

Cheap Underwater Action Camera under $100  

1. AKASO EK7000  

The AKASO EK7000 is a budget-friendly and feature-packed underwater action camera. It professionally captures 4K videos records up to 25 fps.  

The splashproof remote frees your hands lets your record videos and images swiftly. EK7000 is up to 98FT/30M waterproof under the water, which comes with a case.   

The built-in WIFI and HDMI editing function lets you share your videos in minutes. The Wi-Fi can sync your contents to your tablet or phone via the AKASO Go app.  

Key features:  

- A 4K Ultra high-definition action camera  

- It comes with two rechargeable 1050mAH batteries  

- Offers 170° wide-angle lens   

- Has 15 mounts and accessories included in the box 

Why Should You Go for It?  

The action camera has three different advanced shooting modes that you can adjust according to the video. It is highly durable and withstands extreme environments, perfect for capturing indoor and outdoor.  

2. Dragon Touch Vision 4 Action Camera  

Dragon Touch is the smoothest underwater action camera. The camera comes with a built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (E.I.S.) that delivers steady videos at up to 4K/ 30 fps resolution. It has a wireless wrist remote control which is ideal for places unreachable.  

With this waterproof action camera, you can dive up to 98 ft deep underwater. It also has several versatile functions such as time-lapse, loop recording, slow motions, and many more.  

Key Features:  

- Built-in Wi-Fi connection  

- It comes with different accessories  

- It has a waterproof case  

- 4 X Optimal Zoom  

Why Should You Go for It?  

The Dragon Touch action cameras provide stability like no other underwater action camera. The camera also comes with a dual battery charger, which makes it unlikely to lose battery soon.  

Inexpensive Waterproof Camera Under $200  

1. AKASO Brave 7 Waterproof Camera 

AKASO Brave 7 waterproof camera features 4K30 fps and 2.7K30FPS video resolution. Its innovative dual-color screens change framing and monitoring views.   

AKASO's six-axis, anti-shake technology can shoot and smooth out images and capture every moment steadily. The 170° super wide-angle supports 70/110/140 viewing angles. For your underwater shoots, the Diving Mode intelligently adjusts settings.  

Key Features:  

- IPX8 waterproof to 5M/16FT with no external case  

- It offers five different shooting modes  

- It has a voice control option.  

- Provides external microphone   

Why Should You Go for It?  

AKASO Brave 7 is ideal for extreme water sports and takes ultra-HD videos and images. The new AKASO GO app offers video editing functions as well.  

2. Panasonic LUMIX Waterproof Digital Camera  

Available in three distinct colors, LUMIX DMC TS30A is a compact digital camera that shoots H.D. photos and videos. The camera is waterproof, shockproof, dust and freezeproof. It also has a mega O.I.S. camera lens that produces a sharp and clear image.   

Lumix's advanced underwater mode compensates for the faded red tone in water to create more natural images. It also records dynamic MP4 HD video, which users can share easily. If you are worried about the camera's storage, it offers 220 MB of additional built-in memory.  

Key Features:  

- Quad proof tough camera  

- Detects instantly by the sampling frequency of 4000 times   

- Offers creative Panorama functions  

- Provides torchlight to record in a dusky environment  

Why Should You Go for It?  

The Panasonic Lumix DMC TS30A can shoot photos and videos even in freezing temperatures, underwater, and drylands. The intelligent Auto Mode avails users to shoot and point capability and has various assistive features.  

3. KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 Rugged Waterproof Digital Camera  

The KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 is an adventure-ready camera and built for taking it with you underwater. The 4X optical zoom can give a close-up without ending up in the impact zone. It is easy to grip, watertight, and remains 15M waterproof.   

The camera is detail-oriented, supporting 16 megapixels, and lets you edit photos without losing their quality.   

Key Features:  

- Wi-Fi connectivity  

- 2M Shockproof and dustproof  

- Records video in 1080 HD  

- It has a rechargeable Li-ion Battery  

Why Should You Go for It?  

The rugged WPZ2 is durable and connects wirelessly to your smart device. Its vibrant bright yellow color makes the camera appear stylish and distinct.  

The Cheapest Waterproof Cameras  

The cheapest option available in cameras that work underwater is disposable cameras.  

A disposable underwater camera can be used once and acts as a temporary fix. It has essential functions like the lens and shutter but is more simplified than a reusable camera.   

Here is one of the best and cheapest waterproof cameras for you. 

Fujifilm Disposable QuickSnap   

Fujifilm's underwater camera does not cost a lot of money and does the job of capturing photos quite well. The disposable camera' plastic case is resistant to a depth of 10m.   

It also comes along with 24 exposures of Fujifilm ISO 800 Superia color negative film. You can quickly get the film developed at any online photo lab or a high street chemist.  

Key features:  

- The added sensitivity of SUPERIA X-TRA lets you shoot clear underwater images.  

- Easy to hold and operate  

- It comes with a waterproof seal  

- You can send used camera bodies to Fujifilm for recycling  

Why Should You Go for It?  

Aside from being the best and cheapest underwater camera, Fujifilm is perfect for family beach vacations.   


We hope choosing your next underwater camera becomes easier through our recommended list.   

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