How to Choose An Action Camera?


These days, action cameras aren't limited to sports, movies, and others, they are also used for casual family vacations, picnics, and get together. Not only will you find them on the helmet of a professional cyclist, but you will also find them in kitchens, on pets, inside vehicles, and in other public places. They are used by people of all professions for business and personal uses.

Perhaps, you need an action camera, but you have no idea where and how to begin. 

So, how do you know which action camera to buy? The truth is, whatever action camera you agree to buy will depend on what and where you will use it. 

There are certain factors you must consider before buying an action camera. 

Things You Should Consider Before Buying An Action Camera

Image Quality

One of the important things to consider when buying a camera is the quality of the picture and the videos it produces. That is why the resolution is essential when choosing one. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. 

Most action cameras come with 1080 HD resolution capacity, and 4K and HD videos are the recent improvements on an action camera.

We recommend going for one with at least 1080p resolution with a high frame rate of at least 30fps.

Video Quality

Image stabilization 

Image stabilization is another thing a decent action camera must-have. You do not want to have shaky videos when you are shooting in motion. Most action cameras offer electronic image stabilization. (Related article: Best Action Camera with Image Stabilization).

Battery capability

You don't want to have an action camera that would die midway when shooting. Hence, you should consider the battery life before you purchase any action camera. Make sure you find out the type and the battery capacity. Three hours of filming high-resolution videos is a great deal for an action camera.


It all boils down to how much you are willing to how much you willing to pay to get an action camera that allows you to take shots in a pool of water. While an action camera lets you do amazing stuff, you shouldn't have to break the bank in other to purchase it. There are lots of inexpensive action cameras available in the market. 

Weight, Shape, and Size

Choose a camera with a convenient weight, shape, and size to enable you to carry it around easily. For instance, the box-shaped camera is best for you if you intend to hang it on your chest. However, the best option is to go for a light, compact, and sleek camera. (Best Lightweight Camera for Hiking and Backpacking).

Water Resistance

Nowadays, we want to capture every single moment, even underwater. And it will be a significant disadvantage if yours is not a waterproof action camera. So, depending on where you wish to use it most, ensure your camera is water-resistant. (Waterproof Action Cameras for Underwater Photography)

Waterproof Action Camera

Wide-angle views

The point-of-view lenses is another important feature before buying, which use a very wide-angle view to capture yourself and all of your surroundings in one frame. Most action cameras on the market can produce a wide-angle shot that is perfect for capturing all the action in one shot.

Wide Angle View


Of course, you would want the world to relive your moments with you. Hence, you would like to upload your picture to the internet for your friends to see. That's why Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is essential. 



You need a vast storage capacity to store all your pictures and videos. But low-end cams come with memory storage you can't expand. Hence, always go for one that can accept SD cards to provide enough space to store up every moment and action.

SD Card for Camera


While you engage in sports activities such as surfing, biking, swimming, you will want to get your best moves on camera. Hence, you need some essential action camera accessories kit like the bike mount, helmet mount, or selfie stick to properly position your cam. So, ensure to check if the action camera you are buying from the stores or website comes with these accessories.

Perfect selfie shots

To purchase a reliable action camera, take the screen monitor equipment into consideration. The selfie screen helps you see when the action camera is recording, review your footage, and settings can change easily. Action cameras like Brave 7 LE, DJI Osmo Action features a selfie screen at the front.

Voice control

Voice control is a weird feature that lets you control your action camera while focusing on the moment at hand. This feature gives you control over recording, taking a photo, turning the device on and off, and many more when your hands are busy. 


If you are a traveler or have images and videos in several locations, then a GPS enabled camera will come in handy. When you are back from shooting, you won't have to worry about identifying a location an image or video was taken. 


You would also want to check out features offered by the action cameras: HDR support, integrated shooting modes, and slow motion, Time Lapse, etc.

Users Support

An action camera should have features and software that can be optimized. Aside from being able to fix bugs and increase features in updates, users should also be able to get community support like a forum or a group of DIYs will go a long way to help you. 

Why Do You Need An Action Camera?

The following features make action cameras a worthwhile investment.

Amazing video and image capabilities

Action video cameras are capable of shooting videos and photos, much better than most smartphones can. Some of their amazing features including shooting 4K videos at 60fps, a wide-angle lens, and many others.


Action cameras are very portable because of their size. They are small and super easy to carry. Many of them weigh less than professional camera equipment. They can work just fine.


These devices are versatile because of their lightweight and ease of use. Imagine placing a Nikon video camera on your helmet to shoot videos. Major neck pain. 

Action cameras can be used underwater while biking or doing other activities. 

You can attach an action camera to sports equipment to capture things from a perspective that is rarely seen. This kind of versatility would be hard to achieve with a phone or with professional camera equipment. 

You could also use an action camera as a dashcam.


You will find that there are many waterproof action cameras. Some of these devices can work flawlessly at depths of up to 50m (166ft). Waterproofing is a vital feature to have if you love swimming or diving and you want to capture some of the action.

Compatibility with other devices

You can easily share videos and images taken with an action camera with other devices such as your smartphones.

Now you are equipped with pristine knowledge about action cameras. So if you do not want to miss those funny moments that would not happen again or maybe you would like to capture every interesting moment of your adventure, you need a good action camera. Get one!


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