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Best Small Inflatable Pools for Adults or Kids


Small inflatable pools are usually about 6 to 8ft wide, suitable for one or two adults to get a tan or enjoy a beer in water cool off with a beer or for 2-4 kids to play water. 

This post will present 5 high-quality small pools that fit different needs to help you find the perfect pool for your yard. 

Small inflatable pool for adults(under 8ft)

Small inflatable rectangular pool - 7.8ft * 4.6ft * 1.8ft

This small blow-up pool from AKASO features an 11.8 inches thick side wall design to better support large weight. The 0.4mm thick PVC (50% thicker than most competitors) prevents air leakage and is puncture-resistant.

The pool has a water capacity of 163 gallons and after deflation, it can be folded for storage without occupying much space. 

Small inflatable round pool - 6ft * 1.6ft

Made with puncture-resistant 3-ply durable material, this small round inflatable pool can be easily set up within 10 minutes and fill in up to 245 gallons of water. Set-up and maintenance DVDs are included in the package. 

The pool can work with a pump filter, with 2 intake holes and 1 return hole for filtering. However, the pump filter is not included. 

Small deep inflatable pool - 6.8ft * 4.6ft * 2ft

This small inflatable pool is 2ft deep, while most other small pools are 1.6 -1.8 ft deep. It features a super soft and slip-resistant floor and a drain plug at the bottom for quick draining after use. A repair patch is included. 

Small inflatable pool with filter pump

Most small inflatable pools don't come with a filter pump since people usually won't keep water in a small-size pool for days and always drain the pool after each and every use. 

However, if you are one of those that are more comfortable using an inflatable pool with a filter pump, you can invest in a filter pump. Just make sure that the inflatable pool you get has intake and return holes to work with a filter pump.

Small inflatable pool for kids and babies

Small inflatable kiddie pool

Kiddie pools are typically round, 3-ring, small inflatable pools with a dimension of about 4.5 inches. AKASO K1 is a typical kiddie pool that holds up to 76 gallons of water with room for 2-4 kids to play. It provides good shock absorption and a slip-resistant surface for kids to have fun safely. 

Here are more fun, reliable kiddie pool options for you. 

Small inflatable baby pool - 3.7ft

Babies can go to a pool since 6 months old. Water in public swimming pools is too cold and not safe for babies. There are small, cute baby pools for babies to discover the fun of water. For example, this shark splash pool with a canopy is perfect for kids. The pool is shallow with a water sprinkler to deliver gentle sprinkles. The added canopy can protect the baby's skin away from direct sunlight in the yard. 

How to drain and maintain a small inflatable pool?

It's much easier to maintain a small inflatable pool. After having a fun afternoon at your pool, drain your pool after use. Some pools have a drain valve so that you can drain the pool by simply removing the cap from the drain valve. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a pump to pump the water out if you happen to have one. If not, here is a trick to drain a small inflatable pool with a garden hose. 

- Hook one end of the hose to a water spigot;

- Hold the other end above the rest of the hose and fill the hose with water;

- Remove the hose from the spigot and hold each end of the hose in each hand while keeping all the water in the hose;

- Put one end of the hose in the pool;

- Lay the other end of a hose lower than the pool and the water will flow out of the pool. 

After draining the pool, you are suggested to clean the pool with soap to get it clean.  After that, place your pool in the sun for three to four hours to make sure there is no moisture kept in the pool before storing it. 

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