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Top 6 Disposable Underwater Camera


Not many people have heard of disposable cameras and some who have heard about them don't see the point in getting them. But the truth is just like any other camera, disposable cameras have their own use or purpose.

But, what exactly are disposable cameras?

Disposable cameras are cameras meant to be used just once. As a result, they are sometimes called single-use cameras. A disposable camera contains a single roll of the film already loaded in it and once this film is processed, the camera housing is discarded.

Disposable cameras have some basic parts found in other cameras like a lens and a shutter. However, these parts are more simplified compared to reusable cameras.

As stated earlier, disposable cameras have their uses.

- Used by photography newbies. Most times they are used by people with no camera experience (newbies) or people who need a camera just for the moment.

- Used in traveling. Disposable cameras are very common among tourists who need temporary, cheap, and easy to use the camera to save their adventures. And the waterproof disposable camera can be placed underwater. It is suitable for taking photos on the beach or a pool.

- Used in a pool party. Others have even found them fun to use in parties and taking casual shots.

It might interest you to know that there are also digital disposable cameras. These cameras give you some of the perks of digital cameras like an LCD screen and an automatic flash. However, you should note that these cameras need to be returned to the store for the extraction of photos once you are done with them. 

There are who people feel that a smartphone camera is a better option compared to a disposable camera. This might not always be true, especially with the introduction of waterproof disposable cameras that allow you to take underwater photos with ease. Of course, there are waterproof smartphones but how many people own such devices and how long can they stay underwater?

So, are you looking to get a disposable camera? If yes, here are 6 top disposable underwater cameras for you.

1. Fujifilm Quicksnap Marine

Waterproof: Take pictures underwater up to 10m.

Exposures: 27 exposures per single-use camera.

Fujifilm's Quicksnap Marine is an excellent disposable underwater camera that allows you to take pictures underwater up to a depth of 10m. This camera has the Fujifilm Superia X-tra 800 speed film preloaded on it which provides you with 27 exposures. The Quicksnap Marine comes with a transparent case that is well constructed to protect delicate parts of the camera from water, humidity, dust, and sand.

This camera is not only suitable for underwater photography but also great for outdoor photography. The rigid build of this disposable camera, coupled with its safety strap and oversized shutter button makes it a durable camera that can withstand hard conditions. These qualities also make the Quicksnap Marine an ideal camera for kids since it is easy to carry and operate.

2. Kodak Sport Disposable Camera

Waterproof: Take pictures underwater up to 15m.

Exposures: 27 exposures per single-use camera.

The Kodak Sport disposable camera is a great one-time-use camera that is built to withstand tough conditions. This disposable waterproof camera allows you to take pictures underwater up to a depth of 15m. It comes with a Kodak Max Versatility Plus Film that helps you produce good quality pictures and gives you access to 27 exposures (that is you can take up 27 pictures with it).

This Kodak underwater disposable camera comes with a scratch-resistant lens making it an excellent camera for both land and water situations. It is shockproof and very durable; and its rugged design makes it suitable for kids. Its sunscreen protection helps avoid blurry pictures making it a nice camera for bumpy rides or rocky roads.

3. Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera

Waterproof: Take pictures underwater up to 3.6m.

Exposures: 27 exposures per single-use camera

This is yet another camera from Kodak and it is very similar to the Kodak Sport just with some minor changes. Just like the Kodak Sport, it also allows you to take up to 27 pictures and it is also waterproof. However, it doesn't allow for much depth underwater – allowing you to go down to just a little over 3 feet. Nevertheless, it is a lightweight disposable camera that comes with a 35mm lens which is suitable for both outdoor and underwater photography.

This particular disposable camera from Kodak comes with a convenient wrist strap and a rigid body. Its fine build makes it a good camera for documenting your experience. Whether you are using it underwater, in the snow, or under the sun, it performs absolutely well.

4. AKASO EK7000 - Disposable Video Camera

Waterproof: Take videos underwater up to 10m.

Used for unlimited times.

This camera from AKASO is not a disposable camera in the real sense as the camera can be reused as many times as you want, but its affordable prices and foolproof operation make it a great option for filming videos every now and then.

It is quite impressive because it offers the greatest depth of all cameras listed, it allows you to take pictures underwater up to a depth of 30 meters. To make things even better, you can shoot 4K videos with this camera at 25fps. It also captures beautiful 12MP photos that are sharp and colorful. This camera is contained within a transparent housing that makes it really comfortable to hold.

The AKASO EK7000 also allows you to shoot slow-motion videos but in 720p at 120fps. To help you have stable footages, this camera is equipped with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). It also comes with some special modes like burst mode and the time-lapse feature that makes the experience of using this camera even better.

5. Vision 1 Action Camera

Waterproof: Take videos underwater up to 30m.

Used for unlimited times.

The Vision 1 Action Camera by Dragon Touch is a pretty decent camera that is typically described as one of the best action cameras for kids. This camera captures videos at 1080p and allows you to shoot video underwater at a depth of approximately 30 meters. it also comes with a remote control which is only splash-proof and not waterproof.

The Vision 1 comes with a 900 mAh battery that allows you to shoot for up to 4 hours. Its 2-inch LCD display is also useful for real-time viewing when shooting videos or taking pictures. The specs of this camera and its cheap price make it a good buy for anyone.

6. Kidicam Kids Camera

Waterproof: Take videos underwater up to 30m.

Used for unlimited times.

Kidicam is another camera by Dragon Touch and obviously, from the name, it is basically a camera for Kids. However, for a kids' camera, it truly is impressive. This camera can shoot videos in 1080p at 30fps and also captures 5MP photos.

It comes with a 1000mAh battery that allows you to shoot for more than 2 hours. This camera is a nice action camera for kids to mount on their bikes and use to shoot skateboarding videos or do whatever fun thing they like.


Whatever your budget is, whatever age group you belong to, there is definitely a camera for you among the 6 disposable waterproof cameras listed above. With any of those cameras, you can be assured of a good time shooting videos and taking photos underwater.

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