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What Makes a Good Action Camera?


Action Cameras have been the front runner for filming and capturing extreme sporting activities. They are light weight, rugged design, can attach almost to almost anything and are able to take heaps of punishment. Making them the perfect film device for extreme sports like surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking etc. However, there are many different choices of action cameras on the market, some are extremely expensive and other may not have the best function. It is extremely important to make sure that you are buying good quality camera, as budget cameras may not have the best quality. This is when the question what makes a good action camera can arise. We will be exploring in this as well as numerous other questions throughout this article.

What is a 4K action camera?

A 4K action camera is a digital film camera that allows you to film sporting activities in 4K quality while being immersed in them. They have multiple different mount accessories which allow you to make your filming experience a lot better.

What makes a good 4K action camera?

There are multiple different factors you need to take into consideration when looking at action cameras. When looking at what makes a good 4K action camera, usually you want to see if it checks off the following boxes: It has good image quality, films clearly and smoothly, supports external microphones, is water resistant or waterproof and more. We will be looking at these criteria in greater detail below to see why it is important for a good 4K action camera to check these boxes.

Qualities of a good 4K action camera

Good Image Quality: Good image quality is extremely important for a good 4K action camera, a 4K action camera is designed to capture moments or events in 4K clarity. If it is unable to do this, then it defeats its core purpose. Adding upon that, in order for action packed scenes to be fully enjoyable, it is important for the film or image to be clear. Only if you are able to view the little details of everything that’s going on in the sport, then you are able to enjoy it at full pleasure.

Films Clearly and Smoothly: A 4K action camera is usually always used to film extreme sports; these sports usually are very fast paced and full of action. If the capture or the film is very wobbly and unclear, you wont be able to present the sport in its full glory. Usually a good 4K action camera is able to film at a stable 30FPS and has anti shaking abilities to make sure your action packed film is clear and smooth to share online, with your friends, or for your own enjoyment.

Water Resistant or Waterproof: What is the good of a 4K action camera if it is not water resistant or waterproof? A lot of extreme sports either are related to water such as diving, or extreme kayaking, or they may get in contact with water. Therefore it is extremely important for an good action camera to be water resistant or waterproof in itself or have accessories that allow it to be fully water proof.

Support External Microphone: While most of the time, 4K action cameras are used for capturing fast paced scenes or extreme sports, they are also a good choice for vlogging. It is important however for a good 4K action camera to support external microphones or device connections to allow for better quality audio, and the ability to capture better images.

Introducing the AKASO V50 Pro 4K Action Camera

Now that we have discussed and looked over all of the important criteria a 4K action camera needs to cover in order to be a good. Some may wonder if there really is a good action camera out there that checks all the boxes. With multiple different choices and brands out there, it can be a hard choice to make. Today we will be introducing an extremely good 4K action cameras that is available on the market, the AKASO V50 Pro.

The AKASO V50 Pro is a 2 inch touch screen with IPS display, 170 degree wide angle 4K 30 FPS action camera. It is able to film up to 4K/30FPS video resolution and superb image stabilization ensure great clarity in action shots; External microphone input supported for better audio quality. This camera allows you to adjust angle of film, shoot in 20MP and is able to shoot time lapse videos. It is able to withstand the hardest of conditions with its working temperatures at 23 °F/-5°C to 113 °F/45°C. It has an advanced EIS system which allows You could go through bumps in the road, and V50 Pro is there to smooth the bumps and reduce blurs with its inner Six-Axis Gyro image stabilization. Further more the V50 Pro has a 30m waterproof capability, diving mode for red light filtering, all makes V50 Pro a perfect underwater companion. This camera comes in with a full set of accessories allowing you to be able to film in all types of sports and occasions, with multiple different kinds of mounts, and even a waterproof protective housing case. All with only a price of $119.99


In this article we discussed and explored the different important criteria a good 4K action camera needs to cover.  4K Action Cameras are the perfect capture devices currently available on the market for capturing sport scenes or anything that is fast paced. However with all the different kinds of action cameras on the market, it is really important to thoroughly go through its functions and abilities before making a purchase because they are usually a bit of an investment. If the camera is unable to check these boxes then you aren’t getting your money’s worth from a 4K action camera. If you are interested in checking out AKASO’s V50 Pro 4K Action Camera, feel free to check the following link: Thank you for reading!


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