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What Camera Should I Use For My YouTube Channel?
2020-09-24 21:02:34

That’s a tough question to answer since there are so many cameras on the market. But, you need to start with budget estimation. How much are you ready to spend on a camera? A few thousand dollars? Several hundred bucks? Or maybe up to 150$? 

I’m guessing you’re starting your vlog, otherwise, you would have been into the camera market already. It means that a good GoPro alternative will be your choice, right? Let me break a cams talk down for you!

So, there are other players instead of GoPro and Sony?

Yep. Have you heard anything about AKASO? This Wi-Fi action camera manufacturer manages to produce pretty cheap cameras (up to 150$) that can do 4K videos at 60 fps. This is the highest quality supported by YouTube! Other companies producing action video cameras are Panasonic, Xiaomi, Kodak, HTC, Polaroid, and many others.

Why not digital cameras?

Digital cameras are way bulkier than action cameras. Take for example Canon EOS 70D, the camera used by Casey Neistat. It weighs around 800 g without lenses! While AKASO V50 Elite is only 78 grams.

It’s hard to hold a digital cam in one hand. You can do it, of course, but your hand will get tired super quickly. This is not going to happen with action cams since you don’t even feel them in your hand.

Have you seen those prices? More than 600$ in the case of Canon 70D. Without the lenses, ladies, and gentlemen! The best 4K action camera by AKASO costs about 3 times less than this.

Okay, I got your point.

Which action camera 4K to choose?

Look, now it’s up to you. AKASO has ridiculously cheap cameras for up to 70$. Among them are the EK7000 and the EK7000 Pro. The former is said to be the #1 best-selling camera out of all. Probably due to the price-value balance. Both can shoot at 4K, suitable for time-lapses, and can be controlled via the Wi-Fi. 

If you’re one of those people who buy neither too cheap nor too expensive products, opt for Brave 4, Brave 6, and V50X. They all cost less than 100$ and make nice 4K videos. V50X records decent 4K at 30 fps. They are better than their cheaper friends in stabilization. You’ll get a clear, smooth picture.

For those of you who are ready to spend 100$ and more on the action camera, other cams in V50 and Brave Series will do. V50 Elite and V50 Pro SE shoot 4K at 60 fts. The latter is the most expensive cam on this list, but the price will still pleasantly surprise you. 


If you’re a beginner in the vlog niche and looking for a good camera, you don’t necessarily need to spend 1000$ on a camera. The action camera market is growing and is soon to leave digital cameras behind. Besides, action cams like the ones by AKASO are good for streaming. Bear this in mind! 

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